Alien Spidy reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In the Beginning, it's really Fun. Level Design, Soundtrack and our little Friend Spidy make sure there's no Boredom. From Level 1-13, however, there was the first Bug, one got stuck in the Wall and only a Restart brought a Remedy. In Level 1-15 then checkpoint problems and another nasty Bug that prevented the progress, again a Restart was necessary. That brings me to the next Point. Levels can only be completely restarted instead of starting At the last Checkpoint reached. This is not really a Shortcoming, but in view of the Bugs, because of which you have to start from scratch very annoying. Platformers who do not forgive the Player for Mistakes should also be free of Errors.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The indie games allowed the 2D platform to resurfacing. So we see dozens of games appearing each year. Some like alien Spidy are targeting hardcore gamers. We think of course Super meat boy in the genre. Unfortunately, our little spider will suffer from great faults completely breaking the fun. The concept was still nice. It is therefore noted as a spade with 8 pasta, which can swing canvases to suspend and promote speed. The levels include bonuses giving points a foison. And of course, the faster you go, the more bonuses you pick up, and the more your "rank" earn at the end of the level (basically a system of stars). A concept seen thousands of times but has proven itself. Only voila, the developers have committed two huge mistakes. First the system to progress. It is not enough to finish the level to switch to another. Well, not quite. In fact, to move to the next world, it takes a number of stars. The problem is that this number of stars forces us to redo the levels several times, and the number is incredibly high. As a result, dozens of times are reattempted. Having half the stars (basically, pass the level pretty well, know it well, without asking for a perfection) will already ask for a lot of patience, training and fingering. Ultra-rating and not fun at all. But the most frustrating is that the control is not optimal. When you make a demanding game, you have to offer a perfect grip (Super meat boy, giana sisters, etc...). There's a latency time that's going to make the quietest hysterical. Associated with this is the control of the canvas quite chaotic and you will quickly eat your keyboard. The two associated faults completely break this game which yet had a strong potential. The cute graphics and the crazed side makes it fly. The level design is exemplary. One passes next to a super game simply because the developers wanted to inflate the lifespan artificially and did not work enough to get started with the app. Infuriating.