Alien Zombie Megadeath reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I bought this game, on the emotional wave given to me by the gameplay footage, it seemed a simple title, fast and with this strange feeling from coin-up years 90; And actually I got it, maybe too much... The game is a cross between a Shoot-em-up and a platform, from the first takes the concepts of the Forsennato, the enemies proposed in waves and various power-ups, from the second own platforms. Practically All levels of the game are composed of a series of horizontal platforms, sometimes interrupted by blocks that do not cross, which obligate a bit more arzigogolati. Our hero can run from right to left and up and down from the platforms simply by pressing the arrow key of the relative direction, to shoot instead you will need to use two keys, with one you shoot right and with the other on the left and although it may seem A bit awkward in the beginning, this ploy will allow you to shoot at our hero much faster and given the frenzy of the game there will be need. The main problem of AZM is inherent in its simple gameplay, we all know that it is good to eliminate everything that is not closely related to the style of play, but here it is exaggerated, simply trotting for the picture by shooting left and right at the Long it comes to boredom, and it's a pity, because you see the commitment of programmers in making things different and fun: There are several modes of play, numerous enemies well characterized and with models of attack and defense imaginative, also at some point in the game you Unlock some featues that allow you to replay some levels prior to the hunt for enemies before not accoppable, but unfortunately even with this abundance you can not make the gameplay varied. The game is structured as a series of levels that can be tackled in any order, each level has a set of goals to achieve, but most of the time these are limited to requiring genocide of a particular type of bestio or the attainment of a certain Score, unfortunately nothing innovative or that requires a different style of play; By Carrying out particular objectives you unlock the "survival" mode for some levels, which consists of an ecstatic endurance towards the most extreme high score or the densest boredom, depending on your taste. The graphics is one of the things that intrigued me most, is objectively ugly, but it reminded me of the Games from the Hall of the years 90, a little the whole game, in fact, seems to come out of a cabinato, the nostalgia factor will make it so liking the most older , but surely the newbies will crush it. The sound is objectively dull, we will welcome a melody "Tunza-Tunza" that will make us push our heads forward and back for the first 5 minutes, but that will be boring the sixth... As for the integration steamwork: The achivement seem to have been put equitable for sport, do not require in fact no inspiration on the style of play and you acquire simply while trying to complete the game. Appreciable instead of the presence of the cloud on rescues, this has made it possible for me to play between the fixed and the laptop without any problem. There is also the multiplayer (coop) that aligned to the entire production is easy to achieve, in two on the keyboard or with a joypad, but you find yourself sadly catapulted into simple arenas in endurance mode, where honestly at the beginning you have fun , but the limits of the gameplay come out not too late.