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"A must have for every point'n'click / comic book fan, inspired by Machinarium." ALTER COSMOS THE WAVES OF DISTORTIONS ABOUT THIS PROJECT Experience comic book style adventure with Aliencat in a world taken over by a global totalitarian system. Find a way through dangerous situations, gather your crew, find and prepare a ship and escape into cosmos – an infinitive space where everything is possible. Unlock the secrets of The Waves of Distortions.MAIN FEATURES • interactive comic book game • point and click adveture, science-fiction, horror, black humor • oryginal 2d ilustrations, concept and script - by Zimzonowicz • original music, futuristic posthardcore/rockabilly/surff/punk/funk created by talented multiinstrumentalist Przemysław Bielecki and Damian ZwolińskiBEHOLD THE ALIENCAT!...mutated, dangerous, predator. Experimental hybrid of cat, human and genes of extraterrestrial race No. AX-221/Nostromo. An every day lazy glutton fond of beer and regenerative naps in peace and quiet...STORY IN SHORT & GAMEPLAY ONE OF THE MANY THEORIES CLAIMS THAT ONCE IN A FEW BILLION YEARS AN UNCANNY RADIATION EMERGES. IT'S SOURCE REMAINS UNKNOWN. SOME BELIEVE THIS OCCURRENCE MARKS AN END TO THEIR LABORIOUSLY CREATED CIVILIZATION. AN END TO THEIR DOMINATION. OTHERS TAKE IT FOR AN INVIGORATING IMPULSE OF UNKNOWN POWERS, A POSSIBILITY FOR ANOTHER STEP OF COSMIC EVOLUTION TO TAKE PLACE. OF COURSE. THAT'S JUST A THEORY... • Interactive adventure in a comic book style. • Original visual design. • Point-and-click to use objects. • Collect and apply varied items. • Hand-to-hand or ranged combat. • Character dialogue interaction. • Genre: Adventure. Platform: PCINSPRATIONS Films: Alien, Mad Max, The Walking Dead, Star Wars. Comic characters: Lobo, Batman, Aliens, Wolverine. Games: Machinarium.ABOUT GRAPHICS AUTHOR ZIMZONOWICZ [real name: Łukasz Samsonowicz] Born in 1983 in Lubsko in Poland, obtained Masters in Fine Art in 2007. Comic artist, illustrator, painter and graphic designer. I find inspiration in every day life. I like horror and science fiction movies, comics, music hardcore punk and rock'n'roll.ABOUT PYRAMID.GAMES We are game development studio located in Lublin, Poland, City of Inspiration :) We create cutting-edge games for PC, mobile and web. Our team is a mix of developers, artists, designers and gamedev passionates. We love creating games we want to play.GAME OVER IS JUST THE BEGINNING... There is a comic book adaptation in the works which expands the Alter Cosmos world with new plots, characters and locations. This project is a beginning of a new adventure. And with your support we can make that happen!
Release date
Jul 10, 2018
Pyramid Games
Pyramid Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7,8,10
  • Memory: 3000 MB RAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7,8,10
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Alter Cosmos reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free ALTER COSMOS "Solidarity is our weapon" it is Strange that such games do not receive enough attention from the public. It Seems that the problem of the game is important for the modern man, the style of affectation pleasant, but often such games gamer community misses. What kind of problems does the beautiful Alter Cosmos look like? looking into The FUTURE of HUMANITY Alter Cosmos-the brainchild of the Polish company Pyramid Games, which is a newcomer to the creation of games on the PC. They tried to portray the world of the future with all its peculiarities and problems. I would Like to note the incredible work of artists. Choosing 2D Games, I first of all pay attention to the style and quality of drawing locations and characters. Maybe It's a little unfair, but the artists took advantage of the successful visual concept of the game Machinarium, so I could not but consider the screenshots of the game for a few minutes each. Narrative Story of the game takes place through dialogues with locals or through screensavers in comic style. The Liveliness of the story gives the variability of the main character's answers and the humor contained in them. The Game is completely in English and to understand what the heroes are talking about, you will not have enough "school" knowledge. We try on the role of a mutated cat, which is going to its goal, meet with the three types of society formed in the game as a result of the coming to power of totalitarian leaders: People who have accepted the conditions of the new world. People living in the shadows and fighting with the new government People managing "human power" the First type of people lives in loans, is drugged. The Third type of people has their full control. They have nothing of their own, except for their work and the purchased material values, which are advertised everywhere. The Second type of people hides in the ruined places of the "Old World", counting the days before the uprising. The Third type of people is considered elite. They control all natural resources. The Events that have occurred in the game are one of the variations in the development of our future. But can't we see such phenomena in our world now? ADD TAR In HONEY The Most, in my opinion, unpleasant gameplay feature of the game-it's a pain, the only factor that negatively affects the attitude to the game. Click on the enemies of the LKM to hit; Press LKM to walk. For real?? Each battle turns into a runaway around the enemy. Did The battles in the style "barely hit-in a panic went away" add action to the gameplay? Also you can not quickly take a weapon, because to get it, you have to twist the wheel of the mouse and choose it on the LCM, dreaming that you will not accidentally smear and your Cat will not run to another part of the location: "Hotkei" in this game is not provided. I was very disappointed in the puzzles. It is a pity that the game of the genre Point & Click can not give the player interesting puzzles. Divide them into three groups: Children (Fridays, games for memorizing cards) Illogical, absurd Violating the previous laws of the game (it turns out you can combine things that are in the inventory) the TOTAL Alter Cosmos did not meet my expectations. It Turned out to be much more unpleasant because of the interface. But still I was able to leave any sediment in my thoughts, which can not be weathered for a long time. Pros: Visual part; Interesting heroes; Original idea; Pleasant Music; Plot. Cons: Riddles; Poor interface; Uncomfortable battle. Do You want more steep reviews? Join Dreams of Genesis. I Also run my own project called Curskaya.
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