Alto's Odyssey reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
It is certainly Not innovative but of course improved and rich in novelty! I Think they did a good job preserving the style and dynamics of the first chapter that has been very successful! A note of merit is given to the beautiful landscapes that meet in the game! Surf the sand in this Oriental environment full of details and exotic atmospheres especially towards the sunset with the lights of balloons etc. It's really beautiful! The waterfalls and water are Also well integrated in the game! The photo mode is well done! Cared for in every point of view! The improvement over the first chapter is really remarkable! I would say the best endless game with goals ever! It has No equal! I Add that the soundtrack is exceptional! Perhaps not recognizable as that of the previous chapter but very cured, particular and very well accompanies the gameplay! This thing is not to be underestimated! Creating good music is very difficult!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Graphics are great and although it looks stylistically like Part 1, it is more detailed and also more elaborate. Very pretty! The Music is also very nice and atmospheric again, but I liked it much better in Part 1. The Gameplay is like in Part 1 (except that the Flags now hang on Balloons that rise during the Flag kill, which I find a very nice Idea), after which it varies: Overall, there are now four Worlds you drive through. Sometimes you can grin Along Rock faces, sometimes jump through Waterfalls. There's more Variety-and it's harder. The Learning Curve is steeper than in Part 1 and it takes longer to master everything properly. With the Characters you meet mostly old Acquaintances, but Llamas you don't have to catch any more. For this you are now accompanied by birds of Paradise Who collect coins for you. And instead of angry Elders, there are now Lemurs who, if you ride with the last Character, also collect Coins for you. Zen fashion is back at it, but I don't think the Music is very successful. All in all, a beautiful further Development of the tried-and-tested Principle with very lovingly designed Game worlds. However, although it's prettier and offers more Variety, for me it doesn't have the Charm of the first Part. Hence only four Stars.