Amnesia: Rebirth reviews

Gore =/= horror. Sad =/= scary. And hard to relate but still all too typical "hardship" tale =/= sad. What a decline in quality from the first and second but also a perfect example of how bad modern narratives are written. It used to be, back in my day, that you didn't need to go over a checklist of things to add with the primary goal being to appease a diverse gamerbase (made up of people who ape at being as influential as shareholders as if Twitter is as important to video games as Tik Tok is to the music industry) which ultimately leads to the fast food of interactive experiences. Does it have a woman suffering that we have to feel bad for? Yes. Is it a walking simulator, the video game equivalent of violin screeching in horror movies, priming us for "the scary part?" Yes. The rest is irrelevant, apparently. And by "the rest," I mean a consistent and smooth framerate, maybe some creative design choices instead of brown and above-average gameplay and voice acting. It's like they said 'maybe throw in some puzzles as well and we'll call it a day.' $30, btw.
«Waste of time»
I couldn't bring myself to finish it. It's a huge technical mess that feels like a bad console port from early 2000.
They have a setting to set the framerate and instead of allowing to for something that makes sense, they have an option to play at a locked 15 FPS...
Utter garbage