Anarcute reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Unlike others, I won't go as far as yelling at genius. But this game seems to me undeniably good, and unquestionably choupi. It is felt that he was fignolate with love, refined with a manic care by rather inspired developers. As a matter of fact, not only does he have many qualities, but (rarer), it seems difficult for me to reproach him for anything, even if I think well. Well, (like when we seek, we always end up finding), if I really had to send him a little remark, it would be the strange oscillation of his curve of difficulty a little poorly dosed... Not necessarily at the boss level-sometimes it's just a level that is weirdly much more "hot" compared to all the others who enjoy it on the map. Beyond this detail-a bit painful but not insurmountable either, it seems to me that there is only great work to greet! -I will start with the soundtrack, really cool, which some haunting and varied melodies remain downright long in the head. A success. -The simplissime gameplay, pleasant and intuitive, escapes its repetitiveness by bringing new mechanics over the levels, usually in the form of new weapons to be used in a specific way. And the simple fact that "the bigger the crowd, the more their abilities evolve" means that the approach will not necessarily be the same from one party to the other, depending on the crowd being ampiled (or the animals lost en route). -Despite the relative "vagueness" of the movements (this is a "deformed" mass of critters, the shape of which is relative to the environment), the controls respond very well. All this little world picks up benches, garbage cans, flowerpots to throw them at the head of the wicked, and they even succeed in lifting cars and trucks to throw them as explosives! A lock system allows for adjusted shots on enemies, while the aiming "free" (throwing a trick on a mine to make it fart for example) is more approximate... But it all works flawlessly. -Despite its "revolutionary" theme, the game manages to never sink into the creepy, violent, or unwelcome political propaganda. We're not talking about "death," but "K. O." I do not think I have seen blood, the dictator's minions are so parodiic and funny that one can hardly make any serious approximation with anything of "real"... In short, playing these little agitators with charming attitudes never gives the impression of embodying a dirty crack of a cracker, even if technically, it is indeed what they do at length of time. Here, everything seems to be to a childish degree, in a universe with aesthetic as colorful as endeant, and fortunately very claustrophobic in a sympathetic innocence. -The animals are (naturally) cute, and it is a pleasure to marvel with silliness every time we unlock the slightest Fox Cub (or any tenderer baby Critter that grows a "rhooooôôôōôoooo" a little shameful)! -For €15 and even less on key sites, the game features about 4 worlds each composed of 8 levels with a pretty crooked end boss. It personally took me a little more than 11am to finish it by delivering all the animals-and for those who would be interested to finish all levels in row "S", it will take a lot more time I think...-I add that the texts are in a French also IR reprochable than the rest. As all this seems perfectly honest, and even imbued with a certain talent, I fully endorse this cute animal revolution. Don't hesitate, go ahead. (Edit: after completing the game, I ended up getting a pretty painful worry, but apparently very few people encounter this problem: one of the levels-"manga Bay"-made systematically (at my home I specify) to plant the drivers of my NVIDIA graphics card in a few minutes. I ended up finishing this map with the bulk drivers & the display glitches in kaleidoskopique mode. Fortunately, the following levels are normally displayed. bizarre. I also had to deplorate 2 or 3 unrecoverable "feneages" that forced me to restart the game (probably still related to a graphics driver concern). Although it's not "catastrophic", it's still a bit of a pity and embarrassing, and hopefully it will be patched fast enough.)