Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok

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Anastasia must overcome obstacles and the demonic servitors of Rasputin in an attempt to escape from Russia and find her parents. As Pooka, her dog, you assist her while eluding Bartok's traps, solving puzzles and gathering information that Bartok, the irascible talking bat, lets slip as he cheers on the minions who are trying to catch you. The five locations in the adventure include St. Petersburg, a palace, a train, a ship and Paris. In each place, Pooka has a specific task that will help Anya reach her goal, ranging from contacts with Dmitri to creating passports and helping a Prima Ballerina find her lucky ballet slippers. Throughout the journey, you must also avoid Rasputin's minions who will zap Pooka into the underworld and make him play deadly games to escape. While underground, Pooka is challenged to several games including Doggy Dodge (dodge rocks), Minion Mosh (a jumping game similar to Fox and Geese), Skull Toss (bowling-like game using Rasputin's denizens as targets) and Hidden Maze. In the latter, you see a maze for a short time and then try and guide Pooka safely through to the other side. Between locations, you hear entries from Anya's diary and after the game is completed, you're rewarded with screenshots from the movie. Anastasia's voiceover features actress Meg Ryan who had the same role in the animated movie. Can you help Anya find out who her parents are and escape the clutches of Rasputin? Find out, in Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok.

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Motion Works International
Fox Interactive
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0+ Everyone

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Last Modified: May 10, 2019

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