Antagonist reviews

A good mix between a visual novel is an RPG (with fighting). A story too funny and endearing characters. However, towards the end, I found the fights very repetitive. You always have to follow the same strategy to win: make attack combos with your ally controlled by the AI. Its life span is short, because I finished it in 2 hours, but the story has two "paths" (hero or villain side) and two endings. You have to do two parts to see everything.
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Microsoft from Spain
Antagonist I was quite surprised, not a really long game, but you enjoy every second playing. I've laughed a lot with references and jokes, come on, I enjoyed it as never, however, I must admit that part of this fun was because I knew that for this game you should turn off your brain and just have fun with what the game presents. Art: Beautiful. Music: I'm Not complaining. Sounds: Something annoying in the dialogues, but nothing that is not solved if you just do not advance any. History: Meh, you have your flaws, but I accept it. Extra: I Feel that this game should have more recognition
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Microsoft from Russian
Antagonist is a visual novel with RPG elements. Why with elements? I'll tell you Now. Elements of the RPG Pumping as such is not, led the apps characters get strictly in the course of the story. There is no possibility to improve the characters and/or equipment. The Outfit is only present for a tick. Despite the fact that in the Menushkah you can see your weapons and equipment, for the whole game you will never be offered to buy anything other than bottles of treatment and resurrection. So I advise you to merge all the money earned on them. Bojovka in the style of the classic Japanese RPG (Active Time Battle). When filling the ATB-scale, you can make different actions the main character (or better to say the anti-hero?), and your only co-party as within the ATB system is controlled by the computer. But from the actions of your fellow party just want to swear. Your partner beats random opponents ' skills and heals himself if necessary. And All right, if you resists only one opponent, but when they are two or three, you may start trouble. Over time, you and your partner will learn to make a combined attack, which adds more headaches. If your partner launches a combined attack, and you do not engage the appropriate skill IMMEDIATELY after his turn, the running of the partner will be a gift. And then it's not even your desire or desire to use the appropriate skill, just maybe you have accumulated your ATB scale too late or you have a banal lack of "mana" to trigger the skill. So Hope first of all on yourself and your medicine bubbles. Visual Novella Despite The fact that the decent part of the time you spend for fights, this game is mostly a visual novel, Most of the game-it's dialogues between characters. The Narrative, however, is virtually absent, for which this game is unlikely to take in the base VNDB. All (or almost all) characters are parodies on famous game or even kinushnyh characters. The Game is replete with all sorts of references and in fact is a comedy. But She has a rather serious story twist that might make you think. As usual in visual novels, there are many dialogue forks. Most of them have little influence, but some can change the course of history very much. Take it or not? If you are looking for an RPG, then take not advise, as RPG game just no. But if you want to pass a couple of hours for passing a toy with a funny story, you can take it. Fortunately, it is worth a penny.