APB Reloaded reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
APB I've known and played for a long time, and the Game just has something. What I particularly like, that you have the choice here, to create your Character as a Policeman or as a Criminal. If we are just creating in Character, the Editor is bomb, you can change so much on your Face that you can also create really indo characters, yourself for example. There are many Garments and you can design even that in an individual way if you want to, with prefabricated Patterns, and if you put certain Patterns together and store them, you can design just about anything. There's so much more to go. So you have been hanging in the Editors on your Own forever and tinkering around. APB resembles GTA, but it's just a smaller Openworld world, and not quite as extensive. There are no Motorcycles, Helicopters, Boats, planes, Tanks .. There are only Cars, and good so. No one can kill you, either, if you simply kill Spawnst, only when you confirm with "K" that you want on a Mission that then looks like a Matchemaking, then you get delivered certain orders in the City, e.g. as a Policeman you have to stay at different Buildings Razzias perform, and if Criminals are also on MMS, they can get the Job to prevent your Raids. If you are at a Disadvantage as a policeman Or as a criminal time because you may be in the Bronze League yourself and the opponent in the Gold League, then you can simply request reinforcement with "B" (But don't have to), then more Policemen or criminals come into your Team. The Exception is, if you rob stores as a Criminal, criminal people simply drive with their Vehicles against a Store Disc and then clear the stuff that drops into their vehicle, then you have the chance as a Policeman if you see the grade to intervene because in the Person " Handcuffs "appear next to his Names, then you start a fight with it, but you can also look away if it doesn't intulate you and you let you do it. But sometimes it's worth intervening, because you get the Money the one the one has collected then when you win, that can be a lot sometimes. Criminals have a big advantage due to the Fact that they raid the stores, they get money faster if they do that at a Time when not many Police officers are traveling. Police officers still have the opportunity to stun and arrest, which is also pretty cool, so you could play this almost without killing anyone. The Stun Guns are just not really strong, like the right weapons. Graphic is somewhat dusted and no longer the latest, but still good and at best bad. The Negative is just, as a beginner you have a hard time. You're also often chatted when you're not playing well by teammates, sometimes just as bad as in Dota 2. If you are in the Silver League yourself, you are berated by the Gold types as retard because you are just in Silver and not as cool as those in Gold, but they all started in bronze, they apparently don't know anymore. Beginner Friendly is the game not at all. It's Free, but it's not really PayToWin, even if you can buy weapons with real Money, with the Standard weapon you always have, you can already quite tear something, started again after years and no weapon other Than the One you have as a Newcomer And a few times a Gold opponent with his bought weapon. If you have Skill, you can use any Weapon. Try it, it doesn't cost anything:D