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AppleSnake 2 is a logical game where you are a snake!

The kingdom of snakes does not accept our hero. The snake believes that we need to live in peace with other animals, and eat apples. The elders of the serpent kingdom decided to test Snapple and they said:

"If you pass the test strip, you eat everything and survive, we will think over your proposal and we will not expel you."

Help the hero save the animals and bring peace!

You are expected:
Varied levels and much, much more!

- over 10+ different levels
- many different traps and obstacles
- relax music
- support for xbox controller
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: xp/7/8/10
  • Processor: celeron or higher
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024x600 support 64 mb
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any sound card
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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the end - See you again!
destroy 1 animal at one time
find gift
destroy 5 animal at one time
Olga Alexandrovna Sannikova
She translated the story into English.
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AppleSnake2 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
AppleSnake2 Snake consisting of apples. At each level you need to collect a certain number of apples. To Hinder this will be animals and limited time, which can be picked up to increase it. Initially You will have 3 lives, but you can fill them, picking up a gift from which fall out heart. Of The cons I note that the game well very slow. We should speed it up a bit. The game takes place in an hour, has a light achachiki. Bottom line: I Recommend taking a discount.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Apple Snake 2-the continuation of the history of the Special Agent Snake, his task, from the supreme commander of the raccoon, will be introduced into the life of animals, and to cut all the stocks of apples! The Task is not simple! After all, some stocks, in stock, strictly guarded and under lock! That's Why we need to find the keys to penetrate the room! Some animals have the ability to shoot stones in our character, so you should dodge the attacks, but Podkrepiluyu apples, the agent snakes not bad and fluffy.  The Game is actually very interesting, the departures playing I did not watch, the errors are not seen-given that the game created young, novice developers, I hope that in the future, we will delight in promising indie games. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224221842 In The game is not enough editor, because it would not be bad, passing all the levels and missions of the snake, to work individually with the game rooms. I Recommend playing with the controller, of course, if you have one.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
"AppleSnake2" Arcade/2D "Snake". Eat all the apples in the allotted time and go to the next level. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUXIDwl0UJk Snake moves all the time, we change only the direction. Eating Apples snake increases in size. Except for apples The snake eats any animals, diving on a level, at the same time smecingly crispy (it obviously not vegetarian). The Danger is only shots of animals, and then they kill not immediately, but take one heart. The Snake immediately dies if it crashes into walls or into itself. There are gifts At the levels. If you open them, then fly the casts, which give birth to the hearts and kill the little animals that are in their way. To unlock the door must first collect the keys. The Game though small (10 levels), but exciting and arcade. The Complexity of adequate + many interesting achievements (some get by clicking on the menu items). The Gameplay is designed not only for the adult audience, the "AppleSnake2" is quite able to play children. The Only drawback of the game-its graphics. At first glance, it is too simple and unattractive. You can read other reviews and subscribe to our curators. Welcome! 5 minutes of game
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