As Dusk Falls reviews

2.5 episodes in and it’s doing just enough to keep me interested. The writing and voice acting is okay, it’s fine but I wouldn’t say it’s great. For comparison I just played Firewatch and minus a bad ending the writing and voice acting was much better in Firewatch. The story has thrown in just enough drama to keep it engaging though and the gf has enjoyed it well enough so that makes it worth it to stick around. If I was just playing by myself I’d have bailed.

The art style is interesting and I do think a lot of the pictures look nice. But I also think it takes away a bit from the voice acting. I think I wish there was more animation as the scenes unfold. The best scenes are ones where they are in car and the car is moving and then the people pictures change. The scenes where they try to show people walking with the pictures don’t always work for me.

I didn’t like the ending that much.  Overall I didn’t really like the game that much but it had some moments.

Final Score: B-
Hard to get over the weird animation style...never really understood it and how some animation existed, and some did not.