Ascension: Deckbuilding Game reviews

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Microsoft from French
Then. Yes, the flaws that negative critics point to are BELS and well present. It's a fact. The game is not necessarily the most optimized... For example, forget the full screen (or just do that, because if you leave the full screen to go to another window/software. You will not be able to come back!), and expect some maps (but like 1 or 2 only, I think especially the genius of the Dreamscape extension) are a little capricious to select... And that's it. Is it worth a negative criticism and the fact that we are not interested in gambling?... The answer is no. It is not free of defects in its conversion, that's for sure, but beyond that, of these small optimization flaws that are in no way rhedibitories, you find yourself in front of a game of Deckbuilding all that there is more solid, captivating, varied and fun. Whether it's defeats or victories, each part will be different, and none is frustrating. You have so many different possibilities and configurations that you can chain the parties (or play several at the same time!) without bothering you and without having that feeling of frustration that other card games have... Yes, it is. In addition, for €10, you have there an unlimited gaming pleasure of a physical game that costs 30 times more expensive. If you like the Deckbuilding, the reflection, and the low blows, go ahead, you will not regret it. As long as you're playing windowed;).
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Microsoft from Norsk
The new game is unusable. In an ofline 2 player no ai game it crashed or was unresponsive 10+ times. The last crash was after last round... and the game won’t load that save. So even after a frustrating game we can’t tell who won. The user interface is unclear on sea serpent. If you don’t double tap you will destroy the wrong card. I did 2 times. Some cards won’t load the card art. Sea serpent insta destroys instead of on start of turn. The old engine was pretty bad in many ways. But the new one is like some software I would write, and that says enough. As it is now the game is unplayable on iPad Pro.
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Microsoft from Swedish
I play a lot of both boardgames and cardgames (WH:I, Thunderstone, Dominion, GtR, etc.) and have had the physical version of this game on my radar for some time now. I've played maybe half a dozen times so far and enjoyed it. My only worry is that the amount of different cards is pretty low, which might lead to boredom earlier than necessary but perhaps I'm just spoiled with games having 28 expansions each nowadays. Overall well worth the price compared to buying the "real thing" to try the system out (which I still might do based on playing this). EDIT: Couple of days later and I'm still regularly playing. My initial fears were unfounded; there's plenty of depth with the existing card pool.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Review will certainly be quite one-sided now as I think the Game is really great. All Extensions are worth their Money and you can play it with Friends on all other Platforms. But I have to agree with many of the Previous Speakers, the app's frequent crashes (especially if one or two Extensions are too busy) are simply fun destroying and shouldn't be, earlier the Game just became almost unplayable slow when many Cards Now it just crashes and corrupts the Score of the current Game. Please finally fix this!!! I still give 5 Stars because I play this Game almost every day and I find the Developers should be praised for it, the Switch to a new Engine is never easy, which I know all too well as a Computer Scientist. I hope they get a Grip on the whole thing and also listen to the Voices on the Net. Little Tip to anyone with Problems. Send a Video with the current Game up to The crash and the Crash Report to the Support, the People there were very friendly to me and any Feedback regarding Bugs helps them fix this!