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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
I have not played in the Chronicles of China and India, and in general it is my first ace in the last 4 years (as the plot rolled down), but the game is just super, of course there is not much worked open world (although I would like), and there are some inconsistencies police in Revolutionary Russia in 1918 But in this game there is definitely a Russian color and well-researched bekgrund. Also in the game is enough interesting mechanics and plot, which by the way tells the story of 1918. For me personally it is a favorite moment in history, but I noticed that many know that once there, somewhere there was a revolution and nothing more and the output of this game-it's a good Way for such people to fill in the gaps in knowledge. Personally, I recommend the game to all, although surely many will repel a high enough price, but since I do not know any other action games on similar subjects, for me this price is justified. P. S: Puzzles make You sweat.
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Microsoft from Russian
I thought mixed reviews are just because of the taste. I Thought I'd be a fan of the series. Yes, appreciated, it was disgusting. I was burned ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Almost the whole game, stupid AI reacted to what should not. Constant race for a time, and do not deliver any pleasure, the abundance of bugs does not allow you to pass the game in one breath. Sometimes to have time to do not run, and JUMP, yes-yes, because jumping character moves faster. There are Also "wonderful" missions in which you can not raise the alarm, as I understood from the game, in 1918 the alarm triggered itself if you notice the enemy, he does not need even any buttons to press, no, apparently the technology at that time were already high-class. Of The Pros: Setting, of the three chronicles here more or less adequate plot, even though it turns a little history. Nothing more. I do not recommend to Anyone to buy this product creations Studio Climax.
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Microsoft from Russian
I am a big fan of Assassin's Creed! I've Played all the parts and I know who the Assassins are. The Events of the final chapter unfold in 1918, in the Russian revolution that has just survived. We play for the strong, courageous and formidable Nikolai Orlov and for the beautiful, strong daughter Anastasia. Both characters are good: Colya shoots perfectly, activates mines and uses electricity. Nastya is able to secretly move and use the blades. It's a Pity one that this is a 2.5 D game and not a full Assassin'S Creed! And so the time just survived the revolution of Russia is very interesting! Familiar Persoonazhi and many other things! And so pluses: + a Good story! + Localization (very good) + Graphics are fun and not usual. + An interesting and mysterious heroes. + A Class Boevka and an abundance of combos. + Gameplay. + Original Puzzles. + Trains:D + Interesting plot, new format, and the feed is less aggressive than other parts! Cons:-Well of course optimization You do not lose anything, if you do not want to play this game, it is short and better to pass it on YouTube) Pretty good end of chronicles about assassins Thank you yuisoft for the annual part of Assassins:D Forward The Assassins!
I would recommend to skip the whole Chronicles series, it's a waste of time mostly
This one particularly deserves some attention because of revolutionary Russia setting, but that's all. Gameplay is boring (like the least interesting version of Mark of Ninja) and sometimes extremely difficult, thanks to frustrating timings. There are a lot of moments when you have to make every move absolutely perfect without any second of hesitation. Prepare to replay some parts over and over. Or, better, just skip this game.
«Waste of time»
«Oh God i managed it»