Games for Atari 7800

Atari 7800 (also known as Atari 7800 ProSystem) is the third home video game console made by Atari and a successor to Atari 5200. It mostly competed with NES and Sega Master System but was less popular than competitors. The system’s shared more similarities with Atari 2600 than with its predecessor. The central controller featured a joystick and two action buttons on the sides. Outside North America, the console also got an alternate controller that was very similar to the gamepads of NES and Master System with D-pad and two action buttons. One of the main points of criticism towards the system was that it used the same sound chip as Atari 2600 released in 1977. Atari 7800 was almost entirely backward compatible with 2600 except for unlicensed titles. What it also had about 60 developed explicitly for the system. Like its predecessors, 7800’s marketing centered on recreating the arcade experience at home and had many arcade ports in its library.