Games for Atari XEGS

Atari XEGS is a home video game console made by Atari. The system was based on Atari's 8-bit 65XE computer and compatible with the majority of Atari 8-bit software. Connecting a keyboard to the XEGS allowed it to serve as a full-fledged computer. Depending on the packaging, the system came bundled with a slightly redesigned version of the Atari CX40 controller (which was the standard controller for Atari 2600) or also with a light gun and a keyboard. Due to the XEGS having the same hardware as the rest of the Atari 8-bit lineup, there were no exclusive games for the console that could not work on any other system. However, 32 games were released in "Atari XE Video Game Cartridge" boxes and presented primarily as XEGS games. Because of the different target audience and the system’s compatibility with the 8-bit line, it co-existed with Atari 7800 and 2600 consoles.