Atom Fishing II reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Atom Fishing 2, an MMO where you can throw out your Angels and enjoy the peaceful Post-apocalyptic World, but why when everything has been contaminated you go out without Protective Clothing? And even with a Camouflage pattern, someone would have to explain that to me, but I don't think so well and let the Logic out of the Game and get to The Gameplay. As With any MMO, you start with a Character that is succinct, so very short, there is only 1 character model for Men and for the Woman, which doesn't bring much creativity and also not really Differences, even the NPC it looks like Me What already takes something of the Appeal To make several Characters. Once you have created your Character you get a small Briefing, a lot in English, but also a lot of things just in Russian, which definitely remains a small Negative Point after almost 3 Months, you don't have to translate that much. And then it starts already, an Instruction is not necessary, one throws out his Angels and hopes for his Luck, the Feedback as to whether something has bitten you in most Cases, however often my Bait stopped floating on the Water, or went down but it did not have anything Bitten, which confused me abundant. After a few Minutes you have your first Fish at the Fishing when I read it would be "Atom Fishing" I was hoping for a 3 Headed perch, but it was just a stincarnal little Fish. And even all my Gameplay, there was no Radioactive Fish, only the One you know these days. That was a bit disappointing, but I read a Review that there are some, so unfortunately I didn't have a Chance. What bothered me a bit, that was the Movement of the Character, who definitely has a Problem with his Movements and I really wanted to catch the Fish in green Algae, as Most would have to hide, but after a few Meters is already a Level Limit, the first Level at least is so small, that disturbs something in an MMO when these Walls are everywhere. In the Shop you can buy the Most Different Things, also for 5 Dollars a Beginner'S run, which I fear that at some point you will probably need them to get further (I can also be wrong, but may not continue playing the Game). From the Initial Impression, I can unfortunately not recommend the Game "yet," it is the Unity Engine, after all, details were brought In here rather than in most Games with this Engine, but the Game still seems very unfinished. It comes as I've seen an Update out about every Month, which is not sooa in my Eyes now. At The moment I would not recommend the Game, there are Fishing Games on Steam, which I have found better. If you like to make a small Impression away from my Review, you can watch my Gameplay: