Attack of the Movies 3D

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Attack of the Movies 3-D is the first-ever 3D shooter for Wii. Throw on your 3-D glasses, grab your Wii Zapper and face off against swarms of enemies as you travel to fantastic, cinematic worlds on an adventure of epic proportions!


• All in glorious 3D! Attack of the Movies 3-D is the first 3-D shooter for Wii. The creatures and backgrounds come to life in all their horrifying glory, providing the amazing dimensionality previously found only in movie theaters.
• 3D glasses included! Four pairs of 3D glasses for the whole gang to enjoy!
• 6 action-packed scenes! Each level is movie-themed and puts you in the heat of battle. Defeat large alien space cruisers in Cosmic Combat, join the resistance against the machines and destroy the machine mainframe in Robot Rebellion, and more!
• 4-Player Multiplayer! Features arcade-style multiplayer gameplay for up to four players. Players cooperate to get past challenges while still competing for the highest score.
• Blast everything with exotic weapons! In each level, you are provided with three ultimate weapons to use against the enemies of that genre. You’ll have access to the quintessential zombie-slaying shotgun in the horror level while using the automatic laser cannon in the science fiction level, and much more!
• Wii Zapper Compatible

Release date
Panic Button
Majesco Entertainment
Age rating
13+ Teen

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Last Modified: Jul 24, 2019

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