Attractio reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
"Attractio" is a game by The independent company game Coder Studios, which stand out for having created a graphic engine from scratch, demonstrating the determination they had to present the product with a unique and special touch. The gameplay focuses on solving riddles using blocks to proceed to different rooms, based primarily on physics, gravity and ingenuity that naturally increase in difficulty while advancing in levels. Riddles are difficult in a good way and become quite creative. The visual and Graphic section is great, and the music is very suitable for the style of the game, because it is relaxed (which allows you to concentrate and think), but also active and with rhythm (which keeps you entertained). Despite being a puzzle game, the game provides a story, where it places us in a futuristic world in which several prisoners have to compete for their lives under the gaze of thousands of viewers. Under This premise the argument is developing more as we go through the levels. A fun game with challenging but nice difficulty, highly recommended.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Attractio is a beautiful Puzzle Game in the Shadow Of Portal. Anyone who liked To play Portal will also like Attrectio'S Game idea: The Idea is really well done and implemented and some Puzzles are really tricky. Everything is divided into handy levels and you can also find Memory Points in the Levels. However, I Think there could have been a few more Levels. (9/10 Points) Story: The Story is ok, but would have offered more Potential for Detail and Depth. The Basic Idea of the Story is well done and develops from Video Sequences, small Dialogues and Messages that can be found in the Game. However, there is a lack of it in some Places. The Characters offer a lot of space for Depth in the Approach, which has not been used. And the Main Story shows Approaches from Backgrounds, which are then not explained any further. But well ... It is a puzzle game and not a Role-playing game. (6/10 Points) Graphics and Sound: The Graphics are outdated and pixelated. This does not bother me so much personally and neither does the Game itself, but it plays a Role again just later in the Price Analysis. The Sound also corresponds to this Pattern, even if the Music is really well done and dynamic. In this Category, the Game lags a good 5-10 Years behind. (4/10 Points) Bugs and Gameplay: The Game runs fluidly and Bugs were not very noticeable. The Control is well done, which is probably mainly related to the Console Suitability. Overall, there is no objection here. (9/10 Points) Multiplayer: I Haven't seen anyone, which is a Shame. The Game we Portal offers the Potential for Co-op puzzles, which becomes clear even during the Campaign. Of course, a Multiplayer is not a must for such a Game, which is why I'm not going to award any Points here. ( ----- ) Price/Performance: It may be that the Development of a Game is not easy and you have to come up with the Puzzles first. And apparently a lot of People have also contributed to this Game ... Nevertheless, the Graphics remain outdated, the Game could have been longer and the Story could have been better. 20 Euros are really the Border. But should you discover it in the Sale for 30% or more Discount, suggest. (6/10 Points) Conclusion An outdated but good And solid puzzle game At an even more acceptable price. If You like puzzle Games like Portal and find it here in the Sale, you certainly don't make a Mistake in a Purchase.