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Thank you for checking out my little project!

Autumn of Changes is a visual novel with time management mechanics telling a story of Elizabeth Strudwick, who, by a struck of luck comes back to her hometown. She believes the past will welcome her but in reality, it hits her rather strongly and she learns things she never would have imagined were possible.

This demo was created in a months' time for NaNoReNo 2018, and shows only a short prologue to the game. It will be in constant development, and if there will be audience for it, I will work on having HD original assets and all the little details I imagined would fit the project.

Music was done by the talented ejtmusic:

Script writing & Coding were done by:

For NaNoReNo, graphic assets were taken from:

Uncle Mugen (backgrounds):

Red-chan (Beth sprite): 


Kyu-Kyu-Nya (female sprites):

Lady of Gatsby (male sprites):

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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