Aveyond 4: Shadow Of The Mist reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Anyone who knows the Aveyond series will not be disappointed here either! The Game has a Lot of Humour again and tells a Story, so you want to keep playing. A few Times I got stuck and had to use a Search engine to get on. I don't actually like that, but I know it from the Parts before that. The Graphics Have never been so beautiful (by RPG maker ratios, of course), you just notice that the Game was designed with Attention to Detail. The Balancing has become very good, the Fights have only been frustratingly difficult once. But I was as good as I did at the End, and after plastering my collected Level Eggs, this was just a Matter of Patience and healing Food (mmm jam, demon Biscuits). I'm happy to play the Game again in two Years ... And then create more Page Quests:-) Anyone who rejects RGP maker games will not be happy with this Title. Likewise, who doesn't like to play Games in English. Otherwise... Enjoy playing!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Aveyond, the series that drives crazy... Sometimes you play a game and you question whether the developer wanted to extend the game voluntarily. With Aveyond 4, there is no questioning. It's so obvious. Back and forth to no longer end, a system of Portal perfectible and especially a speed of movement of the character ridiculously slow. In previous episodes, available on steam, you could get a very hidden (too) magical boot that allowed you to improve your character's speed. In spite of everything, the players complained about not having this damn magical boot at the beginning of the game. In Aveyond 4, the developer had the nerve to permanently remove this magical boot. We meet with a game of 20-30h that should last a fortnight. Shameful. An example? I'm meeting a witch named Lorelai. She says she will teach me a magical spell if I bring her a witch's hat. I type a 10 minute walk in real time and I come back to see it with the hat. She tells me that she also needs a teddy bear. I hit a 10 minute walk and I come back with the teddy bear. She then tells me that I have to bring the teddy bear back to the same place as I found it and come back to see it. I type another 10 minutes walk to bring back the teddy bear and I finally got my magic spell. Art! And at this price, it's still not given for RPGMaker. You should buy games like forever home, Einlanzer and last dream. Three small masterpieces of RPGMaker for the price of a Aveyond 4. Encourage the small RPGMaker community and its passionate developers. Leave the Aveyond series to the pigeons and masochists.