B1NM4N - HND Year 2 Graded Unit

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The game starts in a future where the planet Earth is a massive, planet-sized landfill. You are a B1N-M4N “waste disposal robot” designed specifically to collect, organise and dispose of waste. While you were originally designed as a robotic home appliance, a catastrophic pollution crisis resulted in hundreds of thousands of B1N-M4N models being requisitioned to help solve the issue. However, future Earth is revealed to be a planet wide trash heap, showing that the B1N-M4N robots heroic efforts have been in vain, and over the course of time, many of the B1N-M4N bots have gone haywire. While carrying on your eternal task of sorting and clearing the mountains of trash that cover the planet, you discover a strange gizmo that allows you to travel through time, by scanning an item and sending the user to the year the item was made.

AD Keys - Move Left and Right

WS Keys - Move Up and Down

1 and 2 Number Keys - Select Tools when collected

Shift - Uses selected tool

Required System Specs

OS : Windows 7 or later

Processor: Intel i5 3447 or later

Graphics: nVidea GTX 560 or later

Release date
Age rating
Not rated
B1NM4N - HND Year 2 Graded Unit screenshot, image №1953355 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Jun 3, 2019

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