BABU - Blow All Blocks Up

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Blow All Blocks Up! -BABU

The game is about defending earth from alien invaders, the evil Blockheads. They send robots which are building long lines of blocks from their spaceships towards earth.

You move around on your 80's 'space skateboard' and destroy these lines of blocks - or even the alien robots if you can catch them.

The game is currently in BETA phase. Please leave some :) feedback :) of what you like most or least about this game. Thank you very much!


- 3 weapons up to now: Spaceblaster, bombs and super-bombs

- 8-bit graphics and retro sounds

- Each level you win means successfully defending one continent or zone on earth.

- Progress is shown in mini-Map

- Each 5 Level completed you will not start from the beginning but from the 5th level after a defeat

- Input Highscore in Retro Arcade Style with arrows and fire button like in the good old times

- Keyboard or Gamepad (Joystick possible but not tested yet)


You can use WASD or Arrowkeys or Gamepad  arrows to move around. Each of your weapons is fired by one of your fire buttons. Same goes for menu except that you have to use the fire buttons on game pad to move up or down.

See my public Patreon page for more background info.


I am a Linux beginner. So I build a file but I did not manage to start it on my machine. I will try again after some updates and some research. When I know my file for Linux runs on at least my machine, I will enable the download for Linux as well.

That goes even more for a Mac build, since I do not even own a Mac. On user's demands I will try to solve this problem.

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Last Modified: May 22, 2020

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