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The GameConcept : 

it's quite easy, follow the sign shown on the road, then if the sign shows go forward ,the player will keep going, otherwise it should go through another way. 

The game overview : it's the 2D board game, like Richman (boardGame ), but what I do here is making the game with randomness.

Game Rule : you will lose once you touch the side of the board :)

use F - to make the forward, 

use R - to make the random (of the your  next tile)

24/7/2019 : to make the board could generate the random board tiles. 

25/7/2019: setting up the random board tile board and direction 

*let the corner left and bottom right should be fixed direction. '^'  and '<', sign the specific coordinate to each one. 


The following Video shows why using random to regenerate forward tile. 


And I will add some trap and some award through the road to help player getting goal easily 

25/7/2019 : adding trap and reward of the tile 

From left to right : 

- the first one is the goal

- the trap -> let you go through random place 

- reward -> let you go through 3 stop via random direction (but sometime it should be trap XD )

how to use random 


how to use forward 

Finally, win scene 

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Evan Chen
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jul 27, 2019

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