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In the far flung future you can be anything.

You can sail past the six moons in a cruise ship's hot tub. You can discover new life in the cracks of alien ruins. You can fight powerful figures looming over the horizon.

And you, Serra, you get to sit and your desk and do your office job.

It's always the same working for Cloche. Get sent updates from ships in your region. Find any extra information if needed. Send it along for someone else to deal with. And it's fine, it's totally fine. You have your coffee and your desk, there's nothing else you need.

But when you get assigned the job of contacting a ship named The Hue, who have never sent a single piece of paperwork to your company, thing's may get a bit unconventional. 

Coerce the crew, fix what has been broken and discover the hidden fourth occupant of the Hue.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported and enjoyed this game's demo. If you experience any glitches or bugs let me know and I'll get right on fixing them.  If you want to follow the development of Backlog, either give me a follow here or on twitter @pebblefriend . 

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aoife baines
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 6, 2020

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