Balatro reviews

I got my first win pretty early. First night. I had this really great combo where I had a joker that 1 in 4 upgrades the hand played. Plus this really good joker that adds the number times you’ve used a hand as the multiplier. So I used two pair every single hand I could. Got it super upgraded. And it kept getting better and better due to levels and the number of hands played. It wrecked.

This seems like it will be a fun pure strategy game. I hope it has some decent legs. It seems like it could, as long as there feels like there are enough unique strategies. If I end up chasing similar versions of my original winning strategy every time then I’ll up getting bored.

Got my second win, with the red deck this time. I got a joker early on that gave a +4 mult per diamond and then I spent the rest of the game manipulating my deck it have as many diamonds as possible. I upgraded flush as much as possible and it was really really good. There were a few other factors that really upped the synergy. This is a clever roguelike. I really have no idea how long it’s going to hold my attention but I like the structure to the game.

Damn, I had a pretty good run going with blue deck level 2. Then I failed on the last boss ante. It was the violet one that’s the very large blind. 300,000. I couldn’t get there. Only like 180. Wasn’t even close. My flaw in my run I learned was that I had pretty much only invested in jokers, and planets. I skipped card packs and tarots because one of my jokers got +3mult for skips. It made a great consistent hand that was really good right up until it couldn’t reach that upper limit.

Current Score: B+