BanG Dream! ARENA (Godot Ver.)

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Welcome to BanG Dream! ARENA, a fan made platform fighting game featuring characters and stages from the BanG Dream! franchise. This game uses a projectile based fighting style in which most attacks are delivered by shooting, and takes some elements from shooter games such as having a limited ammo count that must be reloaded.

Follow on Instagram! Join the Discord Server! What's New In This Version?

This is a version of the game that has been remade in the Godot Engine to make development easier and to bring some improvements such as faster performance. However, because the game has been remade there are still some features that are missing. You can still play the old version here. Once all the characters are added to this version, the old version of the game will be removed.

New Features
  • Faster performance and less lag
  •  Tag Team game mode
  • New hit flash effect
  • In-Game Announcer
  • New fighters
Missing Content
  • Only a handful of fighters are available.
  • Online Mode has been temporarily removed (will be added back shortly).


(Controls can be changed in the settings)

Arrow Keys: Move and jump

C: Close Range Attack

X: Long Range Attack

Z: Shield

Space: Primary Special

Down+Space: Secondary Special

Shield+Space: Swap Fighters (Tag Team Mode Only)

Xbox Controller:

Control Stick/ D-pad: Move and Jump

B: Close Range Attack

A: Long Range Attack

LT/RT:  Shield

Y: Primary Special

Down + Y: Secondary Special

LT/RT + Y: Swap Fighters (Tag Team Mode Only)

X: Jump

Release date
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Dec 27, 2021

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