Barbarian (2002)

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With its perfect mix of Fighting action and Role Playing Game elements, Barbarian will take you further than any fighting game has ever taken you!

Discover every character’s massive story and goals through the Quest Mode, knowing that every choice you make and battle you win or lose has consequences on the rest of the story. Upgrade your character and enhance its physical and magical attacks, its ability to lift objects and even other characters, its speed and much more!

Or go directly to Combat Mode where 1-4 players can compete simultaneously with up to 8 combatants on the screen at the same time!

Even better, follow your character’s quest in quest mode, upgrade it, save on your memory card, and then challenge your friends in Combat Mode with your very own personalized and unique character!!!

• 10 different characters with their own massive storyline and quest

• 10 huge multi-level fighting arenas

• 300 different story branches

• RPG character upgrade system depending on experience earned

• Upgradable attack and magic combos

• Interactive environment: Almost every object appearing on screen can be picked up (depending on your lifting ability), thrown, or used as a weapon (including other characters)

• Additional mini-quests with new fighting rules

• Multi-player combat mode: 1-4 players with 2-8 characters fighting at the same time
Release date
Saffire Corporation
Titus Interactive
Age rating
13+ Teen
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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