Barclay: The Marrowdale Murder reviews

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"Barclay: The Marrowdale Murder" is a small Detective adventure In RPG maker style. The Wild West. We were called to the Estate of the old Marrowdale with our Partner. Any Problems he needs private Detectives to Solve. So the Horses saddled and ridden off. In his Estate, only the Body of our Client greets us. Who murdered him? His over-cautious Wife Anne-Beth, his luxus-pampered Daughter Melody or his strange Son Luke. Or Or was it the Chef? Or was the Killer, as always. The Title is a simple Mini-Adventure. In an Hour you have it easily through. The Story is neither particularly complex nor complicated. Music and Graphics are quite nice at best. And yet: The Style is right, the English Lyrics are well written and the Figures are clichéd, but quite plastic. A nice little indie adventure. Rating: 7/10 Atmosphere 6/10 Story 5/10 Graphic 5/10 Sound 5/10 Game Mechanics 6/10 Balancing 6/10 Game Pass Conclusion: The Killer was always the Gardener ... 6/10 Overall Rating
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Sherlock would have shot himself This very bad detective... It's a very bad detective. Boring, uninteresting, illogical, ugly and generally unpleasant. It is Not necessary to play such games. It's Never worth it. They Took out the cards and forgot. It would Seem that I already described the whole game in the top two lines. Why write something next? Then that I love the detailed reviews even on the most Trea games. Barclay The Marrowdale Murder, of course, not Trešovaya, but still it is terrible. This is a detective with a dull storyline, which passes for half an hour and immediately weathered from the head. The Game is created on the RPG-Maker and its only advantage is that for games of this kind it has quite good graphics. These are not standard pixels, but almost a real art. That'S just the pros completely end. The Flow of minuses begins with the start of the game. We can see that this miracle of the gambler starts to run in the window, press ALT + Enter and Nifiga. Push again-again blunder. Okay, I thought maybe in the game, in her settings, something is screwed up and everything will work. No way! The game does not have a single setting. No graphics, no sound, no control. The menu has only two buttons: "Start a new Game" and "Continue". Localization, as you know, is not, therefore, without knowledge of English in the story, you do not delve. Although... What am I talking About? Who's going to get into this? Who could be interested in this? I can't even imagine. In General, you run this creation in a window, in English and without settings and start playing. Play yourself, play, and here is the bass and finish. Seriously. The Game is passing for about 25-30 minutes and does not leave anything pleasant at all. Well, unless it's a collectible card that you can sell. All. In the game even achievements Are not for the perfect game. I think writing some conclusions is superfluous. It's a terrible game. Disgusting and utterly useless. I do not recommend to Anyone to keep "This" in their library. Overall Rating: 2/10