Battle Academy reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
good so to start with, there's a difference between a strategy games and dice/poker games! as is the case here! Where's the strategy? When you have to do with totally random fights, to make a part or an Allied tank kills all the enemy tanks, redo the game, and see it all tanks fall in one shot of the enemy! To unveil an enemy, you have to move forward and suddenly, get in the firing range of last, and the hop, the units also fall like flies! There are many scout troops, but hey it works a shot on 2 not uncommon either to see, his troops in ambush, shoot an enemy, without touching him, the enemy makes him head shoot very very very often, because Yes, it is a game of dice throwing , but the dice are rigged favorably to the enemy! Fortunately the game is a little easy.... There's not that bad of course.... It is easy to take in hand! well done in the ennest, and it might please me if he did not make me Rager every 2 second because of his dice rigged! I recommend it if you see it in a bundles (or I got it) or trick of the genre, for 1 or €2, but no more! otherwise I recommend XCOM turn-by-turn;)
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Microsoft from Deutsch
A very nice round-based Tactical Game. Far from as complex as a Steel Panthers, Battle Academy allows for an easy One-out. It does not use unnecessary options and the Interface is intuitive And tidy. The Graphics look convincing and coherent in Your comic style. All EInses are implemented in their Fighting Power according to the historical Models. The control Is carried out on individual Infantry Groups, Tanks, Transport Vehicles, Artillery, Etc. Special Support Such as Replenishment of Mansions or Ammunition and the Request of Air Support and Artiellery are also available depending on the Mission. The Campaigns are based on the most famous Military Operations of the Anglo-Saxon Allies and come up with varied Missions. Individual Battles can also be played and the Comunity has already made some good And free missions and even Campaigns available for Download. The I-Tüp ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ would be if you could build your own small Army in the Campaign. Here, however, the Troops are usually firmly specified or can be selected and supplemented from a Pool itself (each for the upcoming Mission). In some Campaigns, on the Other hand, the scenarios are interconnected, so that the surviving Troops are available again in later Missions (Operation Market Garden). So The "caring" commander is rewarded. For the tabletop player blessed with little Time or Friend of round-based Games just the right thing to the casual entertaining Tactics.