Battle Chef Brigade reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Battle Chef Brigade is a great Game. It combines a classic 2D Combat System with a "Match 3" puzzle system. I like Match-3 Puzzlers when they are well done and offer interesting Mechanics. Battle Chef Brigade Fulfills just that. One fights monsters, kills them and processes their Remains into a Court. The Combat System feels very good with the Main Character Mina. You can attack with your Knife or use Magic. This is, in my View, particularly useful for more powerful Monsters, as you can put them under good Pressure with the Cyclone. A killed monster then mostly "dropt" meat or other Body Parts, roughly wings. These Ingredients all have different Properties, i.e. taste and Quality. Monsters that are difficult to kill, roughly dragons, are then more dement-skaping of high quality, but you can only collect them once per Battle. What is a Battle? Battle Chef Brigade works like a Cooking Show. You have Jurors who prefer a certain Taste and a Mandatory Ingredient. If you don't meet these Requirements, you get fewer Points. So you put yourself in a Cooking battle against another Aspiring "Battle boss." The Goal is to win a Cooking Tournament in which you always win the Cooking Duels. But now to the other Main Aspect of the Game, cooking. As mentioned above, it is a Match-3 Puzzle. So You have to place three Stones of a Color horizontally or vertically next to each other to upgrade them. There are three Steps for each Stone. Level 2 Stones can, of course, only be combined with other Level 2 stones of the same Color. If a Stone is at Level 3, it brings a lot of Points, but it gets in the Way and cannot be improved any further. This prevents you from putting an infinite Number of ingredients into your Dishes. You have to be careful which Ingredients are used to create the highest possible Dish and thus get many Points. Furthermore, in each Court you have to be careful to use the Mandatory Ingredient, otherwise half of the Points will be lost. The Tastes of the Dish are symbolized by the Colors of the Stones. Some Jurors like red, so as many Level as possible 3 Stones of color red, some like blue, some like green and later the Jurors want you to have the same Number of level 3 Stones of several Colors. Which starts at first, how later very complex. Of Course, you don't have infinite time for that, so you're always under Time pressure. Can I hunt for even more Ingredients? Can I "put them together" in time? How many Points can I get out of Meinem/n court boxes in time? So you don't just chases and puzzle bluntly in front of you, but you always have to think carefully about your Strategy. Those who do not have the normal Battles enough will be offered additional Tasks in which to earn Money. With this you can then buy new Pans, which offer certain special Characteristics, or additional Passive Abilities. Furthermore, these Tasks drive the Story forward. The Story itself is well written, the Characters all and more interesting and symphatic. I can recommend the Game without hesitation, even if I was able to finish with the Story in about 10 Hours. The Game concept is unique and offers many interesting and complex Mechanics. The Story is sweet and entertaining. The Game is demanding but never unfair. I would like to see a Successor, please.
Love the style and the mash-up of genres. They all come together really well. The VO is great and the story is pretty interesting too.