Battlecursed reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
Early Access Review Well, it is very early to make a review. But what there is looks promising. There will be a town where you start with guildhalls, an inn and a lot of other places, where you can find team mates to your heroes and you can build up your strength. And hopefully, since the developers call the game a hybrid between a dungeon crawlerand an arpg, there will be rpg stuff to do. At this this time though, it is only the barebones action in the dungeons. The gameplay is much like the old might and magic 6-7-8 with the 4 heroes faces at the bottom of the screen. But this game is realtime only. As I understand it, the dungeons are much like in diablo 1-2 ever changing, so you never know how the next dungeon maze will look. You start with easy dungeons and they get bigger and harder everytime you find your way out to the next dungeon. You do that by finding the key, which will spawn in various ways. It can be kill a speciel tough npc or it will be in a chest. Things like that. The game is sometimes unclear about that though. If it says: Kill the skeletons! And you find the key in a chest, it would be better not to write anything at all, but it is early alpha so I'm sure that will be fixed. The longer it takes to find the key, the more enemies will spawn. there are spawning pools you can destroy, and do that as soon as you can, but there are also spawning pools that can't be destroyed, so you will be overrun, if you take too long. Someone wrote in his/her review, that you can just jog past the enemies. Yes in the easy ones, but in the hard and extreme ones you have to be very lucky and find the key fast to do that. Besides, you get xp by killing enemies, and sometimes they will just block your way, so you have to kill them. But there is no doubt, being fast in getting rid of the spawning pools you can destroy, finding the loot chests and potions scattered around and then the key, is the the way to do it. You can't kill them all. I first found the game very hard and confusing, but it was mainly because, I used my usual tactic, which is pretty much: Kill the bastards! But the bastards spawn too fast, so you have to find another tactic. There are loot chests, and some of them contain gear, but as far as I could see, there is not yet a way to equip that gear, but when you can, it will ofc be crucial to find those chests. If for nothing else, then for the potions there also can be in them. You will need those. The game looks great imo. Gameplay is fluid and I haven't encountered any bugs or glitches. My hopes for this games are big, and at this time, for what it is, I will definately recommend it.