Battlefield 1 reviews

Okay campaign, great multiplayer
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»
As always, Battlefield delivers on the gigantic matches with a scope that really makes you feel like you're part of a war. Honestly, I had really stopped playing the single player for CoD and Battlefield but I was actually interested in playing this one out - and they did a great job keeping it entertaining and haunting as they told the stories of multiple people that were dragged into WW1
Mindblowing graphics and details. Realistic feel with all the chaotic explosions. Felt the emotions of each character in each story. War is truly terrible.
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»
An absolute blast. I don’t like to use their advertising terms but when they said “battlefield moments” they weren’t wrong. This game has such a sense of a large scale battle that no other shooter does as well. So many unique kills and sequences occur that had me going “holy shit I cant believe that just happened”. The gameplay feels so good. It’s so crisp, the bullet time and drop is done so well. Graphically this game was leaps ahead when it was released, it still looks fantastic. The sound design is also fantastic. 

A very polished WW1 shooter that came out exactly when I needed it.

Final Score: A+
To start, I'll just say that graphics, audio, and overall immersion was absolutely incredible with this game.  I wish every action game could be made with that sweet Frostbite engine.

The story was very interesting.  I'm not very knowledgeable about the events that took place in WWI (I've always been more interested in WWII), but I can only assume that most of these events were based on actual people and battles that happened during "The Great War".  Although each story was extremely short, especially if you just sprint through the entirety, the short time we got to know these characters and the acts of heroism and valor they performed was good enough to make me like them and sad when they died.

The campaign AI and sneaking is very iffy.  Just get really good at mad dashing towards people and melee them to death.  The enemy NPCs have the wonderful "truesight" where, no matter what kind of noise you make, will attract them straight to you.  Even if you throw a grenade 25 yards away, they know where it originated from!

I didn't play the multiplayer because I already know what that's like.  I've played every BF game before this one like a crack addict and so I didn't want to return down that path haha!

If you're a fan of the Battlefield series or WWI, I highly recommend checking this out.