Battlefield 2042 reviews

The game was trash back in 2021, but now it is pretty fun, I'm having such a great time with this game, obviously no single player, but the multiplayer is great and the progression is also really well done, definitely recommend it
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Booring as fuckk, no campaign, don't play
Journal Style Review:

Doing the 10 hour free trial. Opening night impressions were not good. The game was still laggy to the point where it takes away from the fun. I also think the graphics and art style look quite bad. I can see there being potential. But I’m not confident at this point that I’ll end up liking this battlefield that much. The feel is off. The style of it felt off. The number of weapons is a bit disappointing. It makes sense why the progression is so slow. Night 1 goes to Vangaurd.

Second day morning session also shitty. The game feels laggy and janky. Afternoon session I had a bit more fun. The marksman rifle is my favourite so far and I’m getting a bit better at sniping. The idea of the gigantic battles is fun. But the execution feels poor at this point. Maybe if they fix the servers so the game feels crisp instead of laggy all the time, and when I have fully upgraded guns, then maybe it’s amazing. I have had a few sweet kills and “battlefield moments” that really make me want to keep playing. Some awesome things cans happen. But there’s also a lot of bullshit.

No scoreboard is fucking stupid. No aim assist and essentially forced cross play for Xbox is also fucking stupid.

I’m getting used to the guns a bit more and the feel for the game. Hide and shoot guys in the open. Fuck the objective. That’s the battlefield way even though they try not to. I’m having fun and want to keep playing, I likely will buy it when the trial runs out, but I’m still disappointed. Currently it’s a B+ and at this moment best case scenario I can see happening is an A-, and that’s if they make some changes.

They better add a good stats page in later.

I had a couple games where everything felt a bit smoother and I could actually track my bullets a bit more. It’s impossible to play in lag because I need to follow my snipes to know how to adjust.

Aaaand I bought it. Out of principle I shouldn’t have because it clearly isn’t a fully finished product yet, but damnit I do want to keep playing.

I just found out that for all the guns they have a bunch of duplicate attachments that do the exact same fucking thing. How fucking dumb is that. It already takes forever to unlock attachments and I have to unlock the same attachments twice! They have different cosmetic looks to the attachments  but that means fuck all. Why would I care about anything other than the stats. Why waste my time in an already slow progression system. I know why. Its because they don’t have enough content. I am interested to play portal though. The 1942 mode especially seems fun. It’s just hard to want to do it currently because you don’t get XP anymore since the XP farming fiasco. Which is another mess up with this game.

I buy the game but it doesn’t register I bought it so it continues to goes off the free trial. Then it ended and now I can’t play even though I own it. Jesus Christ this game has issues.

The big ice map was cool. Might be my favourite so far. The shipyard I think is my least favourite, but at the same time I’m getting the most familiar with it probably.

I had another great round with some really good snipes. Damnit I like the game. I wish I didn’t because they have made so many mistakes that they shouldn’t have and it just looks like they have cut corners and tried to half ass it. It feels like a half assed game, but still when it is actually smooth and you get a feel for where the combat is happening and where you need to be it’s fun playing a gigantic war with a hundred people. There are some great moments. It’s still going to have to climb it’s way out of this hole it’s dug itself into.

The tornados are pretty epic. I like them. 

I’m getting good with a sniper and that’s what battlefield has always been about for me. Sniping is great in this one because the maps are huge and there are so many people.

I scrolled through the amount of attachments and was disgusted by how many are duplicates. Disgusted. Had three fun games in a row though where I crushed.

I played a few rounds of portal just doing the 1942 and bad company 2 modes. It was fun. Felt nostalgic. That’s a nice addition. I think them adding that is way better than doing a campaign. My complaints in this game are about the state of the launch and the huge number of fucked up decisions they have made. My biggest gripe is honestly the attachments. I hate that one so much.

My concerns for this game are the longevity. The size of the game is unique so it has something to it, but because of the slow progression and abysmal weapon attachment system I don’t feel rewarded for my play. I don’t feel motivated.

I like the idea of of portal and the nostalgia is great but haven’t really had any fun games yet. Only tried a couple time though.

I like playing breakthrough but as soon as the point in on some dumb fucking skyscraper I hate it. It’s the most congested and cramped game ever at that point. Enemies camp the elevators and zip lines so you have literally like 20 enemies just camping. There’s no way to get through. The only thing your team can do is get air vehicles to kill them and then make the push but most games it doesn’t happen. So poorly thought out. This game still sucks. I’m still mad about the attachments. I regret buying it out of principle. 

The latest update has made a difference. The gunplay is improved and it’s less janky. It’s still far from perfect and they haven’t fixed the built in game design issues but I am having fun with it. Still a huge disappointment though.

I tapped out. It’s so unsatisfying playing a game with so many unnecessary flaws. Maybe I’ll jump back in like 2 years down the line when they have fixed the ridiculous amount of bullshit, but for now, I’m done.

Final Score: B+