Battlelands Royale reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I have tried several Battleroyal titles available on the store and I must admit that this is what struck me most. The style itself is a genre that is going very fashionable now so nothing to say about this (that is not to say it is copied from Fortnite or PUBG!). Speaking of the game, the compression of the file and the optimization is at an excellent quality level, enclosing a great game in less than 100mb of space, with a use of the Ram not too consistent. The gameplay itself is studied and directed, easy to intuit the commands and the use of the various objects and weapons available. Yours is balanced by a combat sistem that rewards skill and experience by reducing the "pay to win" phenomenon to 0%. The Isonometric View from the top is very pretty and make it in the original game compared to the existing counterparts. The graphics are optimal and basic to make the whole thing more fluid and clean on screen. There Is a shop in the game but purely for aesthetic material. Congratulations to the developers, I play absolutely to try for fans of the battleroyal genre.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Good game the gameplay is fluid, the graphics are nice and the map is pretty well done only there is a cruel lack of possibility in fight. For example a or 1vs2 and unmanageable given that one can neither build, nor change weapon, nor store care for himself Hill and also because the perso advances a 2km/h which makes all players have a radical shoot. A simple addition of hiding place or the possibility of entering the buildings could make the difference. Then the weapons are far too unequal, the sniper has almost the same range as the SCAR, the same damage, but has a Cadence 10 times weaker; c is there same thing for pumps that are way too slow the only playable weapon is the scar all the others have no advantage. Basically this game has a very good potential because the gameplay is quite new (and does not fall into the trap of the 3D unplayable on mobile as fortnite or pubg) however large improvements in combat level is necessary for making less random and allow to the "good player to win against the bad" (because right now it is the one who has the most life at the beginning of the fight and who has the scar that WINS). I hope the developers will read the reviews because this games can really be fun to play