Beast Quest reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is not over! I do not know if you have ever had the impression of having unfinished work in the hands, an incomplete object in which it would miss an important part. Well, it feels like you'll have with this game. Because you see something is missing, something very important: HD graphics.. No you have read correctly, the game requires to be played in its lowest configuration so that these can be visible. A cardboard Dumbledore! The scenario is shakical. Okay we now have the habit of the young hero elected by a destiny and who must by x or y means to save the world, even in the books we have this habit! But there's no, no and still no. The way this "hero" is brought is as wobbly as the magician who chooses him, make an old Sage, mastering his magic since x time idiot to the point of being holler by a PIAF, even in the book they did not dare to do that! And don't put it on the pretext that it's a child's book. Harry Potter also is free for children, Amos daragon also, yet neither of them sees their mentor acting like a fool. And this is the observation of the first minute of the game, then I must confess that the magician is the only character who seems to have a personality. The hero is flat and does not seem to have any idea of what he is doing besides being an eternal Jean-faitout who accomplishes the secondary quests the stupidest I have seen. And I can assure you that I had already seen what so far was for me the bottom of the secondary quests. Buy a potato for an old lady positioned right next to the seller. The audio? For the may I played there.. I have to confess something, I did not hear any music throughout my game, in forty minute of play the only music I heard was on the title clip. For the rest the voices are not too bad, and seems to stick to the attitude and physics of the characters. So I do not have much to reproach the sound design, since they do not have, neither noisy nor music just voices and only during the cutscenes. The rest? The VF is very good, even if it is only subtitle the translation of these is superb. however! The game does not seem to be assimilated that we put this one in French. And so we have to change the language each time in the options at the beginning of the game, after the two important kinematics that basically explains the scenario. It is only a small detail, but it is boring to always have to do that. Conclusion the game is missed or not finished, it depends on the point of view. The VF is very good and it's really a shame to have such a good translation in such a bad game. In short I recommend it not even for fans of the book, it is not worth the shot especially at this price! And even if he's sold out, I don't recommend it.