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Big Bang Empire

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The world is full of adventure, just not in your little hometown Tellville. A career in the erotic showbiz is obviously the best way out of there. So sign up for ridiculously funny missions and conquer the blue movie Olympus! Big Bang Empire casts a humorous glance at one of mankind’s favorite pastimes and the business that surrounds it. Create your individual adult movie star, improve your skills, collect sexy items, team up with fellow stars in a studio and show everybody else who's boss! (But don't show it to your boss)

  • Humorous comic style
  • Individual character creation
  • Funny missions
  • PvP against other stars
  • GvG against other studios
  • Sexy outfits and accessoires
Release date
Playata GmbH
European Games Group AG
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or compatible
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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★ #5 Big Bang Empire - P0rn0 Imprezki - Noffość :D
Feb 25, 2015
★ Nymfa ★
★ #11 Big Bang Empire - Nowy system kręcenia filmów
Nov 12, 2015
★ Nymfa ★
★ #3 Big Bang Empire - Najseksiejsze studio EVER
Jan 9, 2015
★ Nymfa ★
★ #8 Big Bang Empire - Event "Lub w dupę i TY! xD"
Jun 22, 2015
★ Nymfa ★
Big Bang Empire [PL2] #1 "WIELKI Początek !"
Nov 26, 2015
Taksi ZRT
★ #9 Big Bang Empire - Nie ma takiego bicia!
Jul 10, 2015
★ Nymfa ★
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Big Bang Empire reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Saves the download. Believe me.... There is no Graphics Option. No Full Screen, just a small, square window as big as my Phone Display. There is no Music. Missions consist of waiting for a certain Amount of time for "finished" and the Mission is finished as a result. No Animation, no Mini-game, just wait. The waiting process can be shortened by paying with Diamonds. Diamonds can be obtained with Real Money. From €2 up to proud 88€ There are Fights. You just watch the Figure wobble around in the Attack. Although my Stats were better in all matters I lost. What? A Window pops up and wants you to rate the Game. It then opens the Browser and comes to the Steam page. At least they managed to adapt this or did them the need for it. Get a Hentai Game or Wet the Sexy Empire. Everything, just not this waiting "Game."
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Big bang Empire is a... a "game" where we wait for time to pass to finish missions. The game has the principle of playing only on sexual allusions without great successes not in the humorous quality of the developers and that is all... well there is a way to personalize his character but.... It stinks the * * * * *. But in short here is the ecaluation: graphics: ☐ stars in my eyes! ☐ Very good ☐ good ☐ acceptable ☑ ugly ☐ aggression the drawing is franchem immonde... Everything is based on a kind of colorful and drawn and then coloured by your sister of 5 years 1/2... The whole thing is very bad taste without great creation... Gameplay: ☑ easy magle! ☐ Playable with good grip ☐ hard to play ☐ unplayable/awful A be it's easy to take it in hand since you won't play in this game! you just have to clicker on the mission or a menu and voila! Lifespan: ☐ IMMORTAL! ☐ Extremely long ☐ long ☐ good ☐ acceptable ☐ too short ☐ of the flight. I prefer not to give an idea I stopped at level 4 because its getting far too hard for my neurons but it's like all it's random placement of missions so c surely InfiniT... bright filth infinimment bad and long in addition.... Soundtrack (sound effects + music): ☐ a real Concerto! ☐ Very good ☐ good ☐ classic ☑ bad ☐ bleeding oditif! Even that they missed it's just long, soft and very lightly even totally annoying. Not to mention the fact that the sound quality is rotten sounds are rotten and even the effects are downloaded I think... Screenplay: ☐ Waw! ☐ Very nice and taking ☐ interesting! ☐ Acceptable but no more ☑ but where's the screenwriter? The story is simply to "become the most beautiful big movie actor so that everyone will spread their thighs" celon their words....... from then on everything is said I hav't anything to add. Value for money: ☐ free ☐ at this price it is given! ☐ Good price ☐ satisfactory ☐ questionable... ☑ Racket organized! Because even free I should be paid for playing 15 minutes at this turt! It's just a money machine made for the buzz without a story or fun or game or even the slightest point of attachment with the player... even a portable game or a clicker sends you from the heaviest is to say..... Especially, under no excuses, even if the urge to kill someone comes to you, never install this... Thing!!
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