Big Buck Hunter Arcade reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Introduction An interesting idea, but the bad development plays against in various aspects. General Analysis presents Big Buck Hunter Arcade as a hunting simulator. This is offered to the consumer by GameMill Entertainment as the only product available with its DLC. This extends between 30 minutes and 1 hour of play, since it is mainly focused on the player repeating the same 30 stages over and over again instead of adding a larger amount. Although the game is categorized as a simulator, it is easy to notice that the same is the attempt to revive those games of the arcade machines in the style of the classic Duck Hunt of the ancient NES or its twin saltwater PolyStation, adapting to the modern era with graphics D and higher quality. Individual Aspects-Graphics: The game is Visually fantastic, the best section you can brag about. Both the animals and the scenarios (static) are of the best quality and variety. They Are so good that it would not be crazy to think that of the almost 7Gb that weighs the game, represent at least 5. -Sound: There is only one audio track which leaves a lot to be desired as it is quite tedious, besides the effects and the dialogues are scarce, constantly repeating itself. -Gameplay: As FPS leaves much to be desired by the complicated control of the shotgun. There Are Two options, it moves very fast or very slow, to this coupled that on several occasions the firing Angle is practically impossible, even if the range of dispersion is very limited. Although the scenarios are static and the interaction with the same is null, the protagonist moves sideways when you move the view through the screen without the consent of the player, which leads to difficult certain shots to end in a bad angle. -History: There is No narrative argument, just point to the males and pray for hit. Negative Aspects The Little variety and lack of content As a hunting simulator is more than obvious that it was at all times the same, the problem here is that it does not vary as to what is hunted, are always moose and deer in addition to the so-called "trophies" ( which can be a Grizzly Bear, a Black Bear or a Cougar), even when on the screen you can see other animals, which yes, you can shoot them, but they are not the target and do not give points. Coupled with the shooting of a female implies automatic failure. As has been commented the game has 30 stages in total, which may seem more than enough, but it is not, mainly taking into account that these stages do not last more than 1 minute or even 30 seconds. They Are Short and boring, being a test of speed and not capacity. Many interesting options are left aside, as would the management and/or variety of both weapons and ammunition. The long load times and the inability to restart load times are simply exaggerated. It Is impossible not to say to oneself "And for this wait so long?" Once just loaded, it is true that the scenarios are visually attractive, but limited and small, which ultimately makes it equal or more incomprehensible. If during the campaign the player fails in one of the stages he will not be able to restart it without having to start the whole campaign again (and hold all the charging time again), so it must be as perfect as humanly possible. Conclusion To Finish, simply say that is not recommended, is an empty and monotonous game. In Addition for $10 are bought better games.