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Plunge Head First into Microscopic Action
Inject yourself into the zany world of Bio-Gun. Play as Bek, a vaccine created from pig DNA, on his mission to save his creator's dog from the destructive Dooper Virus. Befriend cells along your journey, explore to collect key information and items, and fight to save vital organs from failing before it's too late! Will you be the vaccine to save dog-kind from extinction or will DocX once again return to the drawing board?
Game Features
Side-scrolling twin-stick Shooter action, with all the modern gameplay mechanics you’ve come to expect and more.
A large injection of charming and fleshy characters brought to life with traditional 2D frame-by-frame animation.

Slick and intuitive 2D controls. Dodge, blast and gas your way through all sorts of infections and illnesses.
Explore a microscopic world full of cells, organs, Bacteria, and Viruses.
Blast through the corridors of the body your way! Acquire the same abilities in different ways to make exploring the body uniquely your journey.
Upgrade your arsenal and stats by trading globs with the local shopkeeper or locating them amongst the corridors of the body.
Equip collectible helmets! The regions of the body are ripe with them, how strange. Blast your way in your own style!

Scan your surroundings including NPCs, Enemies, and Items to add them to your log book to learn more about the Nanosized world that surrounds you.
Befriend Nisms and use those friendships to overcome difficult challenges discover secrets and affect the world you've been injected into.
A Blood pumping and Lively score accompanies the player on their mission, composed by Juhani Junkala. His score is the heartbeat of Bio-Gun.
Save DocX’s best friend from falling hopelessly ill to prove that you'll be the vaccine that can save the world.

Release date
Dapper Dog Digital
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Jan 10, 2022

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