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A bird of happiness, or fowl fortune?
Feathers black, all lives consumed!

This is the tale of a young girl who dies one day on a street corner and is reborn as the ominous Black Bird. The bird is one of the great calamities, spoken of in the kingdom since ancient times.

Become the calamity, ‘Black Bird’, and destroy the kingdom

  • What fate awaits this girl-turned bird?
  • Will you, the Black Bird, destroy the world?
  • Will this lively, fun-filled kingdom tread the path to destruction?

Game Features
**A darkly humourous world, built with loving care, pixel by pixel.
Visuals which recall a classic era of gaming portray a rich, picture book world.
Completing each stage will reveal more of the mysteries which shroud the dark, fairytale-like exterior.

**A unique audio/visual mix combined in an action-packed shooting game
Your enemies’ movement synchronises with the operatic soundtrack, sung in a bizarre, fictional language, creating a truly unique experience.

**8 different endings!
A high score is the key to the real ending and unlocking the story’s secrets.
Your skill will guide how the story concludes; practice really does make perfect!

**Extra Features Galore!
Unlock True Mode after completing the game to see new enemies, hidden bonus characters and more!
Learn the combo system, bomb system and hidden characters, then mix and match to find your own play style.
When you’re confident, aim for the top of the leaderboards in Score Attack.

About Onion Games
Onion Games is a Japanese indie game developer.
Our works include "Million Onion Hotel" and "Dandy Dungeon".
Our latest game, “BLACK BIRD” will be released for Switch and Steam.

Award History
BLACK BIRD received 2 awards at BitSummit Vol.6, a Japanese indie game festival held in 2018.
The first is the "Vermilion Gate Award" which is the grand prix prize, and the second one is a music award: the "Excellence in Audio Award"!
This is the best indie game from Japan in 2018!
Release date
Onion Games
Onion Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OS X
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

System requirements for PC

  • OS: WIndows7
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Little Girls' Paradise
Finish Normal Mode.
Max Life Explosion
Use a bomb when combo count is 30(MAX COMBO).
Aspara Harvest
Harvest all 16 Asparas by 1 play in True Mode.
It Was Delicious
Get 1 million score points by using 1 bomb.
Wish All Were Gone
Get 17 million score points in True Mode and watch this Bad Ending.
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BLACK BIRD reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
-The Last punishment-BLACK BIRD is a tragic story that knows how to hide under some layers too subtle. A layer of humour and irreverence, another Shoot ' em Up and a more sonorous, theatrical and certainly operesca. We are Talking about a kind of theatre or musical work orchestrated by the action, which situates us in a very characteristic scenario; The cities, where more humans there are but more lack of humanity. Our protagonist, a little girl, dies in the middle of the street, without receiving any help, surrounded by misery and soulless. Begins a huge vengeance, full of violence against everything and everyone. We must destroy civilization, and for this we have become a black bird's head, laden with pure hatred and rage, born of the death of an innocent. After This unusual approach in the genre we are faced with a horizontal Shmup "infinity on the sides", ie an heir to the old Defender of the great Saga Fantasy Zone (where he draws many concepts), a small component "Rampage" very similar to how It started and developed Gaurodan and also a taste to Steel Empire and its aesthetics. We Will move through four scenarios destroying targets marked on a radar, surviving waves of small enemies that appear accompanied by music forming choruses of destruction, becoming increasingly fierce and directed, to culminate a Once destroyed all the objectives in meetings against bosses purely Shmup, where the game already becomes a horizontal more conventional and pure, with a pizquita of Cuphead at the beginning that it feels great. The best of BLACK BIRD is its True mode, which is the real icing, demanding but not frustrated, with a new final showdown apotheosis (the best of the game). A master and SUPER ADDICTIVE scoring system adorns this cake, becoming at first something anecdotal, but that will be decisive to obtain the different endings. If we get at least 25 million, we will access the true end, one of the best-tragic but beautiful-I have seen in this genre. It is very worth learning to score high to get there. It Is A Japanese game, where you notice a lot the weight and good historical make of this market and its unmistakable hand. One of the designers, Yoshio Kimura, has been behind No More Heroes, Rule of Rose and Little King's Story, among many more. Veterans who have signed up for a smaller and cozy market have crystallized in BLACK BIRD one of the stories of revenge (without a single word in the whole game) and love for the most beautiful and rare Shmup that has had the pleasure of playing. I Want To thank all the mime and effort put in this juegazo. Brief but good as few.
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