Black Mirror III reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In the Beginning, I felt offended in my Intelligence. The Figures were invariably uncivilized, oversubscribed Assholes with no Spark of Credibility. I thought this was a crude Attempt to direct the Sympathies and create Stress. Throwing The Player into something like that at the Beginning is very delicate, because you are then justifiably assumed that the Writing is stupid and manipulative. People understand that a Figure is in Trouble even if not everyone around them behaves like an xenophobic, tactless Caveman. A more subtle Staging would have prevented something like that, but that includes Confidence in the Player. When I said all the Characters were unsympathetic, I really mean everyone-including the Hero. He is a Club Shit who indirectly insults the Player for investigating the Environment, as if he thought one was someone, just because you have curiously clicked something. But all of that subsides in the advancing Game. The Level of Production is identical to that of the second Part. The Environment looks from enough to fantastic. But I no longer noticed any Discrepancy in Design. What I would have liked would still have been cinematic Cuts. But then one would notice the underlying Cheapness, such as lack of Lip Movement and the Aesseness of the Character Models. There is very little Movement on the Picture level. If there were no Voiceover, the Game would be worth less than Half. Music and Sound Effects are reasonable. Synchronization is above average. I played it in German this time. It may be down to Directing that some Lines are extremely distasteful and invite Frowning and Foreign Shame. I'm very taken with the natural Lore of Tim Knauer as the Protagonist, but once his Character talks about Violence or guns or in Anger, it becomes ridiculous. It's way too ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ applied with this megalomaniacal, numbbing Tone that it almost seems like a Parody of itself. There are fewer Puzzles than before, but that's okay. The Puzzle logic is also better implemented this time, wants to say: It makes a lot more Sense what you do and what is Relevant, because there are not so many Leaps in Cohesion. Some approaches are Still cryptic, but this is arguably innate to the Genre. Another Symptom Of the Game being cheap is the Auto-rock Function with the Puzzles. If you use the Car, the Switch Variable is simply set to "true" and you don't learn what it was about or what the Solution is. Also, the Car evil has pushed me into a Dead end. If you do it in the wrong Place, the Puzzle Object is considered overcome and will be removed from the Hotspots, as are the corresponding inventory objects. But If you have to consult it several times, you have lost and have to continue from an earlier Place or even from scratch. The fact that this Function exists at all (as with the second Part) suggests that the Developers were aware of the deficient Transportation (conveyance) and they were looking for a Short-circuit solution. The Goal and the individual Steps must be better communicated without being openly pronounced or taken completely. Better, though, would be a more mature Information system. The Diary is not bad, but in addition, someone would have been able to ask for Advice. For Example, the Fortune Teller. Staging the first Black Mirror was so disciplined and restrained. I miss That here. However, the third Part is not as predictable and consequence-free as the first-ergo better in many Ways. The Story gets round and redeems itself from its shabby beginning, which reassures me immensely. All right, round maybe not. The End is crushed with crude "exposition dumps" and instead that the one End is used to link the remaining loose Ends is recreated again after the End Credits with exposure in case one has not captured the abstract Finale. Last but not least, they got together vigorously in one Piece, which didn't sound quite harmonious anyway.