Blackwood Crossing reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
An emotional, interactive Short story that goes to the Heart. The Content to the Point You follow your Brother through a Train and other Environments, solving minor Puzzles and being told a Story that allows plenty of Room for interpretation. Story It tells the Story of The Scarlett & Finn Siblings. I don't want to mention more for Spoiler reasons and because of the short Playing Time. Gameplay & Control The Game provides full Controller support, but since we always play from a First-person point of view, the Control with mouse & Keyboard is a little less fiddly than with the Controller. Blackwood Crossing Is an interactive Gaming experience similar to Firewatch or The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. However, in its colorful Depiction quite a bit more childish, although there are also a few creepy Elements. You move at an imposed Pace Like similar "Walking Simulators," can interact with the Environment from time to time with very simple Puzzles or be inspired by smaller Cutscenes. There are no screen deaths, this is all about telling a Story. That being said, the Game is completely linear and you have virtually no Exploration away from the Main Path. Graphics & Sound The Graphics look like a lively comic And, depending on the Location, also with beautiful Details. Until recently, the Game also had a troublesome 30 FPS lock which can now be bypassed in the Graphics options. The Sound is apt and atmospheric, even the Original Speakers do their Job very well. Those who are not proficient in the English Language can fall back on the German Subtitles. There is no German Language Edition. Scope A Gameplay is limited to 2-3h, the narrated density does not give much more, but this is not to say that it would be less good because of this. On the Contrary, this is a heart-telling Story. However, Replay Value is 0 due to the linear History. Other Recommendations for anyone who can do something with this Type of interactive Game. The Joy of Walking Simulators Has and likes to be sad, beautiful Stories to tell. FAZIT: Light, interactive and soulful Entertainment for in between. It was Played in a Resolution of 3840x2160 (DSR) @ 60FPS on the following System: OS Win 10 Pro Build 1703 SSD Samsung 840 PRO CPU Intel Core I7 7700K GPU EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING Driver ForceWare 385.41 RAM 32GB-DDR4 3000 MHz C Heers, Fletcher