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The BlobCats are after the DiceMice! In BlobCat it's your job to protect the DiceMice! Place arrows and guide the Dicemice to the Micehole! But beware, the naive BlobCats are rolling around (not quite at the speed of sound)! Solve over 90 different levels spanning over 5 worlds, each with a unique gameplay twist! Let the battle begin!You want more action? Then the Multiplayer is for you! Up to four players try to save as many DiceMice as possible! Outsmart your opponents and send the BlobCats straight to your enemies! Play with your friends on the couch or go online and battle the whole world! You can even do both! Features:- 100 Puzzle - 5 different worlds - Local and online multiplayer - Collect over 100 stickers - Dress your own mice
Release date
Aug 31, 2017
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP2+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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BlobCat reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of All: I have been following the Development of BlobCat for about 1 1/2 years now and it was just always nice to turn on a Developer Diary to see how the Game has continued to wrap up in the last day weeks. Sometimes it was only small Details and Bug Fixes, but sometimes it was also new Levels, better Graphics, new UI etc. I had always Enjoyed the Streams, as the Developer (Samb) had always explained how exactly what this Setting does now, etc. I had therefore donated to the Game and received a Steam Key to always play the latest Version and find Bugs. Gameplay: The Goal is to get the Mice into their Holes so quickly and with as few Arrows as possible without being "rolled over" by the Cats. And that works without any Problems. The Worlds are varied and each has its Own peculiarity. In the Desert World, for example, it is possible to limit the Level and thus also the Running Directions of mice and cats with Mine Wagons. And even the Difficulty is not neglected, especially in the last two Worlds, if you want to create all three Stars. Here, there is a lot Of Thought work in demand, but through this the Game is more Fun, because the Joy is all the greater when you have reached the Level with all three Stars. Graphic: The Graphic is very vivid. Of course, it's not a Graphics Bomb, but that doesn't need to be the Game either. Nevertheless, in some Levels there are some beautiful Effects that provide variety. The Game runs on my Laptop (GTX 960M/i5 6300 HQ) IN most Cases with continuous 60 FPS. Only in a few Cases where many Effects run at once does small Rucklers occur. A bit of a shame, but the Fun of the Game is not clouded by it. Sound: The Music is just pure Love. It just all sounds so incredibly good and she makes you automatically happy. The Music in the very early Alpha I found consistent and when it was said that you would exchange it I was skeptical at First, but now I am very happy about this Decision. And a larger Proportion of the Donations have also gone into the Music so that they sound even better, more Instruments can be used, etc. There's nothing to complain about here! Multiplayer: The Multiplayer is both Offline and playable online. The special thing, though, is that you can play Online and Offline at the same time. This means, for example, playing with a Buddy on the same Screen, but you can still search for more Players via the Internet. This is a Feature that I unfortunately miss in many Games and therefore I am a bit surprised that it supports a rather smaller Indie game. But Now to the Game principle of the Multiplayer. Unlike in Single-player, this is about getting so many Mice into your Hole. But beware! Again, there are Cats and should one get into your Hole, that means Point deduction! The whole thing provides plenty of Chaos and Fun. In total, there are three Game Modes in Multiplayer:-Time: Here you can set a Time of 30-160 Seconds and it wins the Player who has the most Mice (Points) at the End. -King of Mice: This is about achieving a pre-set Number of Points (20-95) as soon as possible. -Defend: You have a set Number of Points (50-150) and now you have to make sure you don't fall to zero. Especially in the Mode is that a lot of Cats are drifting around ... In addition, there are always events like "Light off," "Mouse party" and many more! The whole thing usually works without any Problems. While It sometimes happens that Mice teleport easily, since we're talking about a small Title rather than a big Online Game, that's to blurm up. Verdict: BlobCat is a good Game without Question. What it's supposed to do makes it good and the Graphics are fine. The Music is incredibly good and the Multiplayer is quite nice in between. Fans of Strategy Games should definitely keep an Eye on it here And everyone else should keep it Behind their Heads.
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