Blood & Gold: Caribbean! reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
J... A Full Price definitely not worth it! Game Principle, Setting and a lot of Ideas are great, but unfortunately not well executed. I cannot judge whether this is due to M & B Mechanics or the Programmers. The Graphics are forgotten, but that's why you don't play an M & B. The Sea Map is reminiscent of the Classic Pirates and in Principle it plays out that way. But the Combat Facilities are just as in M & B. While you have to say that M & B does much better. As an Example, you can cite the Naval Battles. So it is unclear whether the few Commands do anything at all with the ki Fleet. There are invisible Borders of the Lake Area where you get stuck and have to turn. The Same applies if you get bogged down in your own Fleet. Either those drive in or yourself. Very frustrating when you fight half the English Fleet. When Trying to See it fun to see his Manor in the Ropes and to swing on Board. Unfortunately, it was. In the Middle there is a Plank (~ in M & B the Siege tower) on which everything runs over. More Chaotic than in the Original + Trubs are more likely to get stuck. Some of these Do not go right or get stuck there. If you Fall into the Water yourself, you will drown and you have to hope that the Team will win the Fight. In M & B you are as good as death on Foot. This is also true in Carribean-only one is only walking here In Naval Battles. -You notice what I want to go towards when trying to Enter bigger Ships ... The finding Of The path is a graus Even on the Sea Map-you yourself + ki likes to get stuck, drive bypasses, blobbt. In general, the Ships are also far too small and the Fighting ends quickly. Through the Narrowness, the Units also get stuck on every Corner. Compared to the Riding Area to Lande/in M & B, Combat Areas at Sea are a Joke. Here the Ships had to be designed 2-3 times larger. What is great, on the other hand, is the siege of a City. Spartan but well done. Position Ships, shelling Fortress and disembarking with Outdoor Boats. Very nice. But the Landing Battle doesn't get any better. In Cities or Plantations, hundreds of ai run towards each other-hopeless Mess and no Battlemap like in M & B. And as I said when you're on Foot ... Just some 1st Shot Hits of a Musket ... Ouch. There is hardly an Economy. Easy to buy and Sell goods. So Far, I haven't been able to detect any Contiguous Circuits. The Cannon Types & Ship Types also have Effects in Head cinema rather than in the Game. Whether your Ship is now Type 1 or 3 rarely makes a Difference. Upgrading your own Settlement is also rather spartan and you hardly feel involved. For That, there Are then Prostitutes in the Harbour Pub, but that hardly compensates for the meagre Mood in the City. Often blunt Quest a la hole 10 wood and 20 iron. On The other hand, the Fleeing for Enslavement has been relatively funny. "What shall we do with the drunken Sailor ..."-the Sound is quite nice, but the few Pieces are constantly repeating and that annoys with time. A bit more Choice and more Instrumental would have done well. Mods seem to be no one in the WS that goes towards overhaul. This is where Modders, in particular, Could tear a lot. But I must also praise the fact that I have not had a single Crash until now. It seems to be running stable, at least. In General, updates seem to come very rarely and then some Things like this Helloween stuff ... But nice gag at the State of the Game will probably ask many whether there is nothing more important, such as Fixing the Way or finding a Balancing that leaves you a Chance on Foot. The auto-blocking somehow doesn't seem to work and manual blocking doesn't often enough either-that Doesn't necessarily make fighting more sparkling. Here might have brought more tactical Options for me as a Commander if the direct Fight doesn't work well from the Mechanics. There is a Wealth of Ideas, but the Implementation is very limited. Unfortunately, there is hardly anything useful in the Pirate area and so sooner or later you will end up here-but please only buy at the sale price and voher at the Competition purely look e.g. the old Age of Pirates and Successor-which are also far from Perfect. Negative Rating, since a lot of Potential is given away-is also the re-release of a first debacle. The Company also leaves open to what problems are being addressed and what a Roadmap might look like. And whether the Module support will be expanded. All a great pity.