Bloons TD 5 reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Graphically beautiful Port of the Bloon TD from Mobile phone to PC. With many different Towers. You can see that it was originally designed for Micro Transacitons. The Game is a Flashgame with a fixed Resolution and can be stretched all over the Screen. Grind: You have to grin XP, Research Tokens and Money. With Money grinding, the other two Things automatically result. You can quickly see the Importance of Unlocking the Money doubling mode, for which it takes $75 0000000. Considering that you get $150 for the first Bronze Enallia and even $250million for Silver, the Losing Streak can be seen. Silver does not give you additional Bronze. In an Odyssey, instead of just one Card, several Cards have to be passed in a row and it brings good Money. Unfortunately, this is only possible once a Week (Real-time). It's my first TD Game where it makes sense to take breaks of play From a Week. If you Fail in a Mission, there is only the XP, but no Money or Tokens. As with most mobile games, the Cards fit on a Screen. There are a lot of Maps. Opponents and Difficulty Opponents are different Balloons or Zeppelins. The Maps don't differ much playfully. On each of the dozen Beginner Cards, the same Opponent Waves come, so 99% you play in Fast forward. Difficulty levels differ only by the changed construction and upgrade costs and other attached Waves. There are also Special Missions to some Maps that bring some Variety. Towers Here shines the Game. The Towers, which are unlocked with growing XP, are very different and beautifully animated. Each Tower has 2 upgrade paths and you can extend both paths to Sufe 2. Then you have to decide which Path you want to extend further to max level 4. In addition, you can buy specialists and place them on a Map. After a Deployment, the Specialists are consumed and you have to buy them again. Conclusion Classic TD game, for Players who have already played almost all TDs and who have enough Patience to let the Game rest for a Week to reduce the boredom during Grinding. Other Games have made a better Leap from Micro Transactions to BUYING Price Game On PC (Gemcraft). I paid £2.50p for the Game, that's fine. More Recommendations for Tower Defense Games:
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Bloons TD 5 has now taken up to version 2.7 and much has improved! You still can't sync between iOS and OSX but it has a simple explanation, the different versions use different servers to save progress on so they can't communicate with each other. The Graphics have improved significantly, now I can count it to Retinagrafik. The Premium deal no longer hangs as soon as you click on it. All the other things that didn't work as they would before now work perfectly in my opinion, Bloons TD 5 now deserves a top score.