Bone: Out From Boneville reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is bad. This Game is one of the first Games of Telltale and is a very simple, short Point & Click. It is the first Episode of a short story Concluding with Bone: The Great Cow Race. From the whole Presentation, the Dialogues, the Voices, the Behavior of the Protagonists, it is meant for Children. Even most Puzzles work like this, although I'm not sure if everyone is suitable for the perceived Age group 6 to 8 Years. I also wonder if a Child can really be inspired by it. The Story is about three cuddly cousins, Fone, Phoney and Smiley Bone From Boneville, who were forced to leave Their Hometown Of Boneville due to a Mishap. They roam the Area somewhat aimlessly, become separated, experience a few "Adventures" and that's it. The Story is a Compotion of Mini-events with no discernible meaning, apart from the fact that the three want to find themselves. The Gameplay is usually very simple. It is an Incentive Of self-contained small Tasks. The Inventory has little Meaning. There are two simple Races, the other Puzzles were childishly opened but often solved by Trial and Error. Some Puzzles had a Touch of Quality, others I found doof. Otherwise, you have to agonize through many Dialogues, which are sometimes nice (e.g. the gries-like Phoney) but can otherwise trigger Yawning Tackles. I had played the Game maybe 8 Years ago (with my Son), since it was on CD and in German, and he had enjoyed it moderately. We weren't really thrilled. The Version on Steam is in English and showed me a Bug that thwarted the progress (the Corn Cob) after about 2/3 of the Game. Otherwise, the Game might have lasted just 2 Hours. So after 1.5h was Over and I was happy about it. The Graphics are understandably old, but it also seems cheap, some might say childlike. The Sound is simple. The Voices are childlike, often buzzy or squeaky. The Controls are usually fine. Moving the Protagonist is sometimes mildly tedious. Apart from the Bow through which the Game was not playable at the End, I had no Problems of a technical Nature. Pro & Contra: + Very Simple, Possibly suitable For Children Point & Click o Only English-Funny, inconsequential, confused history-No Something Atmosphere-Very Simple Gameplay-Short Playtime (2h)-Little Impressive Puzzles-A Bug in the Steam Version That Coming on After 2/3 prevents Scoring: 2/10 Very Simple Game without Charm and Quality, even for Children little Entertainment.