Book of Demons reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review What is this Game about? As Warriors, Villains or Magicians, we come to the Village of our Childhood, which is threatened by dark Forces. At the test hand, we take our Weapon at Hand and work ourselves level by plane deeper through the Dungeon that is in and under a Cathedral. Of Course, the Opponents are becoming more and more dangerous. Starting from cute Sekelettes until you finally face the King of all Demons in person, who is not at all pleased with the sudden Visit. We only carry our Basic Equipment (Weapon, Armor) around with us, And upgrade this Piece by piece with Cards. Cards with special Abilities that provide our Armor Or weapon with Elementary Damage, effects, Healing Powers, and so on. And these Cards can then be upgraded-choose between different Of the same kind and since you can't equip all the cards once, you have to choose a meaningful Combination. Potions and a portal roll to the Village are also available. If you feel reminded of Diablo, you won't be far right next to it. In fact, the Game has quite a lot of Paralella and humorous Allusions to Diablo (and other Games), but has significantly less Story. After All, it is kept to a Minimum. There are a few Dialogues, but that was it. There's a Daredevil mode here, too. While you're allowed to die in normal Mode, you're dead in Daredevilmodus As soon as you actually die, but will enter the Hall of Fame for it. What I personally find very cool and well done is the Possibility to determine the Dungeon size for yourself (with The exception of the big Three bosses) and thus determine how much Time you want to invest for the next Level. You don't lose anything as a result. It is always the same Distance from the next more difficult Level and you can only decide how many Bites you want to divide the Path into. With each Level Rise, you can choose either Mana or Life. The Other is given with Ingredients that we find in the Dungeon to our Childhood Friend, the Landlady, who cheerfully cooks a Soup from it, which we are allowed to eat for Money with her. But Beware: Let's Die, then the Prices disappear (not life or Mana). The longer we wait, the better the Prices get and the more often we scoop out the Soup, the more expensive it becomes and can become a damn expensive Soup. In other words: You have to be able to estimate a little how long you last. The Final Opponent is relatively simple in Normal Mode and in fact, the Beginning without the good Cards is, in my View, heavier than the later Levels with good Equipment. If you know how to use your Deck. The Graphic shows us a paper folding art style. Which seems quite charming. Whether you like the Way the Dungeon is built up (you can't leave the fixed Paths), everyone needs to know for themselves. I think it's okay. The Controls are broadly good. With the Controller occasionally a little tricky. Especially if you want to get the Cards right again after a Chair or select a special Monster from a Pulk. Conclusion to the Game: Nothing new, very nicely done and worth its Money. It's Fun and in Daredevil Mode it's also a Challenge. Check it out! Ah, yes... The Game is practically the "1st Book" to an Archive of 7 books-in other words, there will probably be 6 Games to follow. My personal Highlight: I like the Squeaky!