Booster Trooper reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
> > > Checked! Goes to Win 8.1. > > > There is a russifier? Who knows? But He doesn't need it here. Absolutely. > > > See The best alternative: free Soldat 2D toy! WELCOME TO THE PAST! Surely you have already noticed that this review is negative. I will Say at once-you can play it. But why the "diesel"? And Here's the thing: This toy is positioned by developers as "the future of Network platform shooters." What does this toy have to offer? Why This toy can not be a ticket to the future? = MAPS: All as one-terribly small and cramped. Few bonuses always appear in the same places. Stationary guns, machinery, walls or shelters (which can be shot) on the map is not. The Time of day also does not change. In Short-interactivity is zero. = WEAPON: When I first got on the equipment selection screen it was a bit encouraged by: there were only 3 cells on the screen. I Thought that in time new barrels, grenades and armor will open. Whatever. The description says "Every weapon Is unique". Do You know how they achieved this? Just every barrel--just one thing. That is, the Scotgan is one. One assault rifle. One Sniper (which by the way has only 1 cartridge and recharges seconds 15-20... and it is given the current micro-maps, where already in the eight closely). Another grenade launcher. Pistol, Shocker. And Two cochlear bonus guns that are picked up on the battlefield and evaporate after 30 seconds. = GRAPHICS: Quality in parallel. However, the toy has a pair of the most serious Nedostatov. The First: The models of players dim, often lost in the background of scenery. The Second: virtually invisible bullets. I.E. Before it is possible to understand on what trajectory the weapon shoots will have to naturally "dry" eyes, peering into pixels. = CHARACTERS: Only two Modelki. Moving is not very rastoromno. We can run, jump, squat, use Jetpak. There is no such a great regret. But still this toy is a good fit to kill literally 15 minutes a day. I'm playing a single with bots. The Single-match by the way is configurable odnositelno not bad. There are: The choice of the map, the conditions of victory, the regime (Detchmatch-Team Detchmatch-fight for the flags-to destroy some bun), as well as the complexity and number of bots. My score: [GRAPHICS] = [3 \ 10]-generally for a very mediocre picture, as well as for invisible traces of bullets; [SONDTRACK] = [3 \ 10]-didn't like it at all. Crap [GAMEPLAY] = [4.5 \ 10]-added 1.5 ball for the ability to fine tune the single-match. [SUMMARY]-few weapons, no interactive, questionable dynamics. But Good settings single-match. P.S.: If anyone needs a free class in the game for a couple of days-please contact. There's a couple left.