Botology reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The first impressions about the game were good, but it is a pity that did not read the reviews about it before you buy, well though at a discount took this game can not be called: raw craft-Neodelka, in general, the feeling that it was made by 2 people, one likes shooters, another some RPG and Wants to sell, here he is sweating mad Kraft, the same level, etc., and then still peck-businessmen ha! I'll explain a more detailed idea. What is written in the history of the update quotes: "Botology 1.03 (patch) Made changes:....... 3.changed the balance of the game-the enemies have become a little weaker, which will help to survive in the beginning. "I don't know what smokes or takes a divorce, but all over the world in the game bots try to make smarter, and then went on the path of degeneration. And you know why? 1. THE WEAPON ALMOST DOES NOT DEAL DAMAGE! Yes it is in this game, if you view the 3rd training video there is seen as possible to scrap the improvement of weapon damage by 4 points, each can be increased by 16 times, multiply we get 64!!! That is, we are considered idiots giving not a trunk, and a pukalku-a fart, by the way and the sound of her when it is cluttered. 2. Shot down the sight, I do not know who is there for it to answer, but the SIGHT is REALLY SHOT down to hit the target can not. In the head shoot pointless hedshota will not be to get to shoot next to the goal, and better in the feet of the target, then there is a small damage, before this going behind the back, in the forehead go pointless to die. Bots deal real damage, and the regeneration of the Persians is not just a long, but braked, no first aid kits are not. If the bots are few and they notice, then attack the chorus, the chance to survive zero. 3. The same corridors.. Levels.... Room... Not even know what to call it, the designer has no imagination. 4. Crafting system It is generally zhute to open the passage-buy cones, multicolored beams, splice keys.... Well unreal stupidity! What for is that in a shooter? Probably to longer seemed to the player that he is not killed bots, the rest of the time to die. 5. At The training video you can see that first gave the money 80 tyshch and were in the kiosk recipes and items to create an upgrade damage, but in the game I see that in the Kiosk 800 coins all and there are no recipes to improve the damage. For what they did, so that you could not play! It's a fact. 6. For the Sake of interest I look that for razrab and lay under a table... Dagestan. Yes really, only descended from the mountains where the sheep grazed and try to bark shooters. Progress! Do Not take this... Ovno, it is not worth neither the money that ask, nor the time spent!