Bottle Biosphere -Living with a runaway girl-

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~About the story~

You just wanted to go home after a brutal night shift. It was late, you were tired, you wanted to get some rest before the sun came up. However, you didn't expect to find a girl in a black sailor uniform sitting outside your door. Due to the circumstances, you invited her to stay at your place for the night, and somehow she just keeps coming back every night! “ I...I can’t think of...anywhere to go...sorry.” A quiet runaway girl with a lonely man, pure love visual novel simulation game.

"Bottle biosphere" Coming soon!

~About the game~

Bottle biosphere is an 18+ visual novel with simulation game play elements. You’re now living with a runaway girl. Spend your day interacting with her, getting to know her better and eventually become friends. Don't forget to HEAD PAT her.(if you know what I mean.)

You can go to work, gain experience and eventually master a variety of part-time jobs. With your hard-earned money, why not spend it on some new clothes for Fuyuka-chan?

Outfits can be bought and changed at the UI screen; and some of them might even unlock new events, nice! Once the two of you get closer, you can ask her out on a date!

Never forget; your goal is to melt her frozen heart, not shatter it! Your actions will have consequences so watch your step!


Now I know what many of you are thinking; where’s all the adult content? Not to worry! There’s plenty of 18+ events. H events with CG, animated H scene mini-game with different the future.

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Last Modified: Sep 13, 2022

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