Braveland Pirate reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Braveland Pirate of Tortuga Team. Anyone who already knows Braveland has read and/or has read my Review of Braveland can jump straight to The Conclusion. Story You are looking for Adventure and Wealth and therefore hires with Pirates. Unfortunately, your Ship will be attacked and sunk by Ghosts. But Since you can save yourself, you try to fulfill the Dream of your old Captain and go in search of a very special Treasure. A rather classic Pirate story without a lot of Frills but with crazy Characters and sometimes very amusing Dialogues. Very good for such a small Game. Gameplay The Game roughly divides into 2 Areas. The Map on which one moves and the Fights. You'll find different Things on the Map. Places to recruit Units, buried and visible Treasures, dealers for new Equipment, trainers for Skills and, of course, Opponents with Whom you can measure up. Each Opponent is only present until you defeat him, that is to say that he does not spawn again. This makes it impossible to train. Only the Caves can be visited several times, but even these will not spawn any More enemies at some point. Another Way to gain a little extra Experience is through the Island Map. In addition to the normal Map of the Island on which one is currently moving, there is also an overarching Map. On this one you can travel back and forth between the 6 individual Islands. This can lead to Random Events, including fights. Your Main Character gains experience through Battles and with each Level you get 2 Points to use to learn Skills. But for that you have to win the Fights first. These are turn-based and are very reminiscent of Games like Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Wonders. When it is a Unit's Turn to decide its Agility. Each Squad then has the Opportunity to move and attack or take a defensive Stance. But you can also have your Units serviced until the End of the Round. In total, there are 7 different Units at your disposal, of which only 4 can be taken with you. This means that you have to think beforehand about which units you want to take into a Battle and where they should stand. In Addition, each Unit has a Special Ability. This has a Cooldown after each Use, so it cannot be used continuously. So You should fight ahead and use Skills strategically. Otherwise, unnecessary Losses will have to be accepted. Each fallen unit is automatically replenished after the Fight, but it costs money and this is not thrown behind you. Even the 10 "Tricks" you can learn and use must be used wisely. Whenever your own Units Deal damage, you get Courage. This is then used to use these Tricks. Graphics & Sound Short Viedos and a Cartoonish graphic Give a good first Impression on the Game. Over Time, more and more cute Units and opponents that you would prefer not to blow at all. Unfortunately, some Opponents were somewhat unimaginative about the Design (the craned Wolves and Golems look almost the same). A pretty world Map as well as clear Menus complete the predominantly positive Overall picture. The Setting Leaves something to be desired. The Music does not sound bad, but always the same, which after a short Time makes for Boredom in The Ear Canal. Verdict A good Game for Friends of turn-based Strategy and Achievement Hunter. All Successes are quite easy and should be done no later than after the second Run. The third Braveland part does a lot better than the first Part of the Series. The Playing Time was also significantly extended, which is good in principle but an increased Degree of Difficulty would still have been nice. I completed the first Pass at the highest Level Of Difficulty without much trouble. Long Speech short sense. Those who know and like the Series will also enjoy this Part. If you don't know the Series yet, however, you should first play the first Part to see if this Type of Game is something for him. If the Review has helped you fall then follow our Review Program and if you want to tell me something about this Review then he likes to write in the Comments. The Game was made available to the GGC for Review purposes.